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The EarlK Design blog consists mainly of entries that show how to do things using Adobe Photoshop that I hope you will find helpful and give your creative mind more tools to work with.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator CS5, Lightroom 5, and Corel Painter X. However, I believe that much of what I show can be done using Photoshop Elements.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Creating an Argyle Pattern in Photoshop CS4, Part 1


Today, July 31, 2010 is the birthday of a friend on mine who lives in Maryland. I wish you a most Happy Birthday, Cindy. I am dedicating this Episode 2 Other Days With Earl: Argyle Designing, Part 1 to you. Enjoy your day! My love to you.

Recently, I saw some digital scrapbook pages that were designed using an argyle pattern for the background paper. There was a reference to an article describing making the argyle pattern, but I couldn't get access to the article. So I decided to create my own method to create an argyle pattern using Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my iMac.

I am sure there are many ways to do this, but this way I found worked easily for me. I want to share this method with you. Since I try to give a lot of information about how and why you do something in Photoshop, my article got a little long. I was planning to have it all in one article, but the length made me decide to do it in two parts.

In Episode 2-Other Days With Earl: Argyle Designing, Part 1, I show you how to create this argyle pattern to use in creating this argyle paper. I show you how easy it is to make a pattern master that can be used over and over to create different color combinations. This is an example of how the pattern looks on a 12 x 12-inch, 300 ppi paper.

If you are interested in seeing how I did this, you can download a .pdf file from box dot com. I use a lot of space and try to make things large enough so you can see it on the page. So my .pdf files may have a lot of pages but they really aren't that long to read. You can get Episode 2-Other Days With Earl: Argyle Designing, Part 1, BY CLICKING HERE. The download is a .pdf file that is about 13MB in size. I hope you like it.

As I said, I was planning to have more information in this article, but I decided to split it up into two parts. In Argyle Designing, Part 2, I will show you how to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to help create the argyle pattern. I will show some different designs. Here is an example from Part 2.
Part 2 is not written yet, so you can't download it yet. It will be in a near future post to this blog.

I hope that you are finding some of these items from my blog interesting. If you would like to know how to do something, leave me a comment and I will see if I know how or can find out how and make it a topic for one if my future posts. But, remember, I am using Photoshop CS4 and not using Photoshop Elements. Frequently a person using Elements can translate what I do in CS4 and do it in Elements. However, I am not always sure that what I do will work in Elements.

Until the next time, enjoy life!

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Series Created-Other Days With Earl

I have started a new series. The new series is called Other Days With Earl. The Other Days With Earl will come out whenever I have something to show you that will take longer than just a blog entry.

The first Other Days With Earl is on making the crinkly edge that I frequently put on my layout pages. You can download the .pdf file from box dot com by clicking HERE.

This is what the edge looks like on the page used in this article.

Until next time! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

First entry to EarlK Design blog

Back in March 2009, Jessica Sprague asked me to write some articles for her scrapbook web site. I felt very honored and this started the Thursdays with Earl series of articles at her site. There were a total of eight Thursdays with Earl, Episodes 1-8. They dealt with a variety of topics. You can see them at Jessica's site at www.jessicasprague.com. An easy way to get to the Thursdays with Earl episodes is to scroll down Jessica's Home page until you get to the Search box on the right hand side of the screen and enter Thursdays with Earl. All eight episodes will show and you can go to them and there you can download the .pdf file containing the episode. Unfortunately, the direct links to the Episodes at JessicaSprague.com that I had posted here are no longer working. She must have moved them. But, you can still go there and search as I mentioned above.

Here are the titles of the Episodes:

Episode 1: A Flutter Book from a Single Sheet of Paper

Episode 2: A Few Fluttering Thoughts

Episode 3: Framing an Image

Episode 4: Vignettes (Soft fade effect)

Episode 5: Gradient Backgrounds (Getting to Know Your Gradient Tool, Part 1)

Episode 6: Vignettes (Dark Corners)

Episode 7: Celtic Knots and Others

Episode 8: Repeating Object Shapes

I hope that you have fun with these.


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My latest is digital scrapbooking, and I learned most of it mainly with Jessica.