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The EarlK Design blog consists mainly of entries that show how to do things using Adobe Photoshop that I hope you will find helpful and give your creative mind more tools to work with.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator CS5, Lightroom 5, and Corel Painter X. However, I believe that much of what I show can be done using Photoshop Elements.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursdays with Earl retires; Other Days with Earl Continues

Thursdays with Earl! After thinking about this for several weeks, I have decided that since the original series of episodes of Thursdays with Earl was written for Jessica Sprague's scrapbooking web site that they will be the only episodes. I had thought to continue the series here in my blog, but, that name really belongs where it was created. So long live Thursdays with Earl with Jessica. There will not be a continuation of the series here. The new series of episodes, Other Days with Earl, will continue on my blog. Since I didn't want to use Thursdays I decided that Other Days fits the bill for the name of the new series. I hope you are enjoying them.