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Monday, November 15, 2010

Other Days with Earl Episode 12: Square Corners.

I hope that you had a wonderful time with the Christmas Treasures Blog Hop. The hop is over, but since some people had some trouble downloading my freebie kit, I have left the link to my download active in my blog posting about the Blog Hop. So, if you were unable to download my kit during the Hop, you can still do so by going to my blog entry about the hop. However, any links to other sites are no longer active. I will leave my kit available for you to download until 21 November 2010. After that time you will no longer be able to download my kit.

Here is my Other Days with Earl Episode 12: Square Corners. 

I have found that many times when I am creating a scrapbook layout in which I have a photo mask to which I will clip a photo I have wanted a mat under the photo. But, I didn't put one under the mask when I created the mask. So, my usual thought is to use the Expand Selection to put a mat under the mask. When I do this, my mat ends up with rounded corners. This is fine if I want round corners. But, if I have square corners on my photo, I probably want square corners on my mat. Of course, I could use Contract Selection and get square corners, but, they would be on the inside of the photo. Maybe I want my photo to be the size I have it. I will show you how to do this in this Episode 12.
Which do you want, round or square corners?
This doesn't apply only when you are making a mat for a photo. Any time you have a selection and you want to expand the selection using Select/Modify/Expand you will get rounded corners if there are square corners. It is very easy to have square corners. The trick is to use Select/Transform Selection. Let me show you. In addition, I will show you how to find the center of an object.
You can download a pdf file of Other Days with Earl Episode 12 Square Corners by clicking here.

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