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I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator CS5, Lightroom 5, and Corel Painter X. However, I believe that much of what I show can be done using Photoshop Elements.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wishing all a very lovable Valentine's Day.

Here is FREEBIE for you.

There are 7 papers and a pattern from which you can make your own striped paper scaled at whatever size you want. The papers are all 12 x 12 inch x 300 ppi. Five of the papers are .jpg files and two are .png files. The two .png papers are the two in the upper left of the circle. The little hearts are transparent so the color below them shows through. The pattern is a .psd file. You open it up in Photoshop and then go to Edit/Define pattern. You create the pattern scaling it to the size of stripe you want. Then, using the pattern you create your pattern paper.

CLICK HERE to download the files.

This will take you to 4shared.com. From there you will be able to download the file.  If you haven't used 4shared.com before, when their page opens, on the left-hand side of the page there will be a blue rectangle with a white arrow pointing downward with white text saying "Download Now." Click on that blue box. This will take you to a new window that will have a box that says "Your download link will appear after wait." There will be a circle with the wait period counting down. After the wait, where the words "Your download link will appear after wait" were, you will see the words "Download file now." Click on those words and your download will begin. At least this is how it works on my iMac using the Firefox browser. Also, 4shared.com only allows one person to be downloading the file at a time. So, if you have trouble getting the file to download, you may want to try at a later time as someone may already be downloading it when you tried to do so.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy the papers.