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I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, and sometimes Adobe Illustrator CS5, Lightroom 5, and Corel Painter X. However, I believe that much of what I show can be done using Photoshop Elements.

Friday, May 27, 2011

EKDesign_Template_005Landscape FREEBIE for you

Here is the fifth in the series of the EKDesign 11 X 8.5 inch landscape templates for your layouts. The template was made using Adobe Photoshop CS4 on a Mac. However, I believe that users of Adobe Photoshop Elements can also use it. This is a fully layered .psd file with many layers that will give you lot of flexibility in how your layout will look.  Many of the layers have their visibility turned off but they are there so you can see what you can do if you turn them on. Also, you may notice that some of the layers have the layer opacity turned down. Here is what the basic template looks like.

I have included a background paper and some photos. And, there are a couple of my patterns also. These are mainly to show you how you can use papers, photos and patterns. Replace them with yours. This is a fairly large size file.

If you wish to download the template Click Here.

This will take you to 4shared.com. You can download the file from there. This file is in a ZIP file and you will need to unzip the file to get to the PSD template file. If you haven't used 4shared.com before, when their page opens, on the left-hand side of the page there will be a blue rectangle with a white arrow pointing downward with white text saying "Download Now." Click on that blue box. This will take you to a new window that will have a box that says "Your download link will appear after wait." There will be a circle with the wait period counting down. After the wait, where the words "Your download link will appear after wait" were, you will see the words "Download file now." Click on those words and your download will begin. At least this is how it works on my iMac using the Firefox browser. Also, 4shared.com only allows one person to be downloading the file at a time. So, if you have trouble getting the file to download, you may want to try at a later time as someone may already be downloading it when you tried to do so.

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Enjoy life and keep having fun with Photoshop!



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