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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen June 21, 2011

This week's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is to be of a person and then used with at least one of Kim's textures.

Here is the photo I used for this week. This image is a 1915 portrait taken in a studio in Los Angeles, California. 

And, then after applying some Photoshop magic with the aid of two of Kim's textures, this is the beautiful result.

If you click on the image, you can see a larger version of it.

This is what I did to the image.

Recipe (Layer 1 is bottom layer, Layer 7 is top layer):

Layer 1: Original photo

Layer 2: Duplicate of Original photo

Layer 3: kk_sweettart  Blend Mode Linear Burn, Opacity 70%

Layer 4: kk_sweettart  Blend Mode Saturation, Opacity 100%

Layer 5: kk_stainedLinen  Blend Mode Overlay, Opacity 100%. Then using layer mask removed texture from face area.

Layer 6: Hue/Saturation:  Colorized, Hue 40, Saturation 27, Lightness -21.

Layer 7: Levels modified a little to make face area blend with rest of photo.

And, that is how it was done.

If you haven't been to Kim Klassen's site before, you really need to visit with her. She is a remarkable woman.  She also has some very interesting and enjoyable and informative classes to offer.

I enjoyed this Texture Tuesday Challenge very much and am looking forward to next week's. 

Until next time, enjoy your photography and scrapbooking and have fun with Photoshop.