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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen July 19, 2011

For this Episode of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen, we had to use at least one layer of her kk_aurora texture for our image. While I was thinking about this, I remembered about when I was an undergrad at UCLA, many years ago, I worked part time as a guide at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles. During some of the Planetarium shows the Aurora would be shown in its beautiful colors. I have never seen the real Aurora in Mother Nature; it must be absolutely beautiful. However, I have seen images of the Aurora taken by satellites. So, somehow I had to create an image that combined the name of the texture layer and the one that Mother Nature creates for us.

I have a vase that is called "Snowberry." With a name like that, I thought of winter and the greater likelihood of the occurrence of the Aurora. I started with an image of this vase.

Layer 1. Snowberry vase. The original image that I worked on in Photoshop CS4 is approximately 10 X 10 inches at 300 ppi.

Layer 2. Layer 2 is a duplicate(Command/Control-J) of Layer 1. I won't show its image since it is the same as Layer 1. I then turned off the visibility of Layer 1. I like to make a copy of the beginning layer so if I make a goof I still have the original.

Layer 3. This is another duplicate (Command/Control-J) of Layer 1, or Layer 2 since they are the same. To this layer, I applied a High Pass filter with a radius of 3 pixels. Then I set the layers Blending Mode to Overlay with 100% Opacity. This makes the image appear a little sharper. You may not notice much difference in this image because of the low resolution for the internet.

Layer 4. While Layer 3 was selected as the active layer, I used Command/Control-Option/Alt-Shift-E, to create a Composite layer above the active layer. This gave me, for Layer 4, a composite image of all the visible layers below Layer 4. So, basically, the image looks just like the image of Layer 3.

Layer 5. I duplicated Layer 4 (Command/Control-J). Then I set the layer Blending Mode to Soft Light and 100% Opacity. This added a little contrast to the image. Soft Light will brighten the light colors and darken the dark colors. Thus giving more contrast to the image.

Layer 6. With Layer 5 active, I created a composite layer (Command/Control - Option/ Alt - Shift-E) for Layer 6. This looks just like Layer 5, so I won't show it here.

Layer 7.  I added in one of my textures, EK_CoffeeStains03. I set the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay with 100% Opacity. I made this texture while taking Kim Klassen's  Art of Texture class last February. It was a great class.

Layer 8. I turned off the visibility of Layer 7 and sampled a dark blue from the vase for my Foreground color and a lighter blue for the Background color. Then I turned on the Layer 7 visibility. On Layer 8, I made a linear gradient of the Foreground color to the Background color from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. I set the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay and 100% Opacity. And, so far this is what I have.

Layer 9. Now is where the texture KK_aurora comes into play. As Layer 9, I added Kim's KK_aurora texture. And...  changed the layer Blending Mode to Exclusion at 100% Opacity. Now you see the colors of Mother Nature's Aurora come in.

Layer 10. I added another layer of KK_aurora texture. For this layer, I set the Blending Mode to Saturation with 100% Opacity. This muted the colors in the image.

Layer 11. On another new page, I created a star field. I wanted my Snowberry vase to appear as if it were floating in space and was the Aurora itself. I brought the star field image onto this layout as Layer 11. Then I went back to Layer 4 composite, made it the active layer, and turned off the visibility of the layers above Layer 4. Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool, I made a selection of just the vase. I went to the Paths Panel and made a path of the selection of the vase. I named the path Path 1 to keep the path. With Path 1 selected, I made a selection of the path. This put a selection around the vase. I now turned on the visibility of the layers and made Layer 11 the active layer. I held down the Option/Alt key while clicking on the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel. This added the layer mask with the selection of the vase black so as to hide the star field over the vase. Now the star field shows only behind the vase. However, the star field was too bright for me, so I reduced the layer to 50% Opacity.

Layer 12. I wanted to bring back some more color to just the vase. I made Layer 4, an earlier composite layer, the active layer. In the Paths Panel I selected Path 1, which is the path around the vase I made before. I used Path 1 to make a selection around the vase on Layer 4. I copied the selection, Command/Control-J, to its own layer and then moved that copy of just the vase up to the top as Layer 12. I set the Layer Blending Mode to Saturation with 100% Opacity. And this brings back my nice Aurora colors to the vase.

Layer 13. My image is just about finished. It needs just a couple of touches. For this layer, I added  Kim's "februarymagicedges." I set the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay and 15% Opacity. This gives a nice edging to the image.

Layer 14. The last layer. I thought that the white of the vase opening was a little too bright. For Layer 14, I added a layer that was filled with 50% gray and the Blending Mode set to Overlay and 100% Opacity. I can use this layer as a faux burn and dodge tool. If I paint with white on the layer, it acts like a dodge tool and lightens the area I painted. If I paint with black, it darkens the area I paint. So, I set my Foreground/Background colors to the default Black/White. I selected a soft round Brush Tool with the Opacity set to 10% and black as my Foreground color. I then painted with black over the area of the vase opening to darken it slightly. And that was my final finishing touch to give me my Snowberry vase as the Aurora in the night sky. And, this is it.

I hope that you enjoyed my tour of how I created this image. I really had a lot of fun doing it. Kim's KK_aurora texture is great to use. And, remember, it is just one of her free textures that you get when you Join the Texture Lovin' List.

That's all for this time for EarlK Design.

Enjoy life!



A Box of Chocolates said...

wow what a great transformation to your original work brilliant use of the textures and your manipulation of the original photograph is fabulous

Nadege, said...

That is quite a transformation, great work and wonderful explanation.

Linda Makiej said...

Such wonderful use of this texture!! Really so beautiful....

Marilyn said...

You had me at Layer 9. How absolutely gorgeous this is. Nice work.

Dymphie said...

wonderful to see how the vase transforms. Wonderful image.

Cedar said...

What a fantastic transformation! Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Great transformation, have you seen the added space textures new to Picnik? This texture work is brilliant! Love the transformation.

 gmirage said...

Amazing how you can make many beautiful pieces with textures! - Mirage

Pat said...

What you've done here is outstanding!

Dyche Designs said...

Love how you transformed this beautiful piece through the use of textures.

Kim Klassen said...

brilliant transformations Earl!! always inspiring.

Thanks for linking up to TT.

Kathy said...

Wow...beautifully done. Thanks for sharing your steps with us. I'll have to give that a try sometimes. I also like your texture too.

Bright blessings,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful vase to start with. The end result is quite beautiful. Very inspirational to me.

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