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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen August 23, 2011

The theme for this week's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is "Back to school." And, you must use at least 2 different Kim Klassen textures on your photo!  It has been many years since I was worrying about getting the children back to school. Getting all the supplies, getting them ready for the big day, and the general confusion that sometimes goes along with that first day to school or back to school. I went back into my older photos in order to find something about going back to school. 

In 1962 we were living on the Island of Guam. My daughter, Tina, was in Kindergarten. And, my son, Eric, being younger than Tina, was not yet in school. In November 1962, Super Typhoon Karen hit Guam. With winds over 200 miles per hour, there was considerable damage on the Island. In fact, the storm did so much damage to the island vegetation, most of it turned brown and they called it When Autumn came to Guam. Most temporary structures on the island (not typhoon-proof, generally wood-frame construction) were destroyed, while permanent structures suffered considerable damage. The school building in which Tina had Kindergarten was badly damaged and could not be used for several months. She could not go back to school until temporary facilities were made available. Later, in 1965, when we were living in Maryland, my son, Eric, started school. I am fortunate that I have some photos of that time. These are the photos that I used for this layout.

I'll show you how I created this layout. I hope you enjoy the tour.

Layer 1.  As I normally do, I started with a new document with the Background Layer, Layer 1, being a 300 ppi, white layer. One of the reasons I do this is in case I want to have a different color for the background layer as a later time, I can just easily add a Color Fill Adjustment Layer and make it any color I want.

Layer 2.  I brought in a photo of Tarague Beach. Guam. It is a little out of focus. But, that is OK since it is just going to be a background and be textured.

Layer 3.  I have used Kim's texture KK_pourvous for this layer. I set the Blend Mode to Darken and left Opacity 100%.

Layer 4. I brought in Kim's texture KK_sweettart for this layer. I used the Divide Blend Mode. Divide came in CS5. The Opacity is 100%. But, of course, what Blend Modes you will use will depend on your images and textures that you use for your layout. I really like how this has turned out so far.  To me, it gives the feel of the island after the storm went through.

Layer 5.  I knew that I had four photos that I wanted to use for the layout. I now wanted to make four clipping masks to clip my photos to. I used the method that I showed in a previous blog entry on Using a Pattern to Create Clipping Masks. I used the 1-inch square pattern that I show in that blog entry. And, I increased the Scale to 350%.

Using the Magic Wand Tool with Tolerance 5, Anti-alias checked, and Contiguous checked, I selected the upper left square. Make sure that Layer 5 is the active layer. Then I made a new layer by Layer/New/Layer by Cut (Command / Control - Shift - J) to cut that square from Layer 5 and put the square on it own layer, Layer 6.

If your Magic Wand Tool sometimes seems to be acting in a mysterious manner, you may want to look at my entry in this blog about the Paint Bucket to learn some of the ins and outs of using it more effectively. Even though that entry is about the Paint Bucket, the Paint Bucket and the Magic Wand work in a very similar manner.


Layer 6.  This is how the layout looks now at Layer 6. And, with the visibility of Layer 5 turned off.

Layers 7, 8, and 9. I do the same thing with three more of the squares on Layer 5. Make sure you are on Layer 5 when you make your selection with the Magic Wand. Then cut the selection from Layer 5 to its own new layer. Here is my layout with Layers 7, 8 and 9 in place.

Layer 6a.  I'll call this layer Layer 6a. It is the photo that is brought in on the layer above Layer 6 and then is clipped to Layer 6.

Layers 7a, 8a and 9a.  These are the photos that are brought in above Layer 7, Layer 8 and Layer 9 and then clipped to those layers.

Layer 6b.  I did not like having two photos in color. It didn't feel right to have color when working with the destruction of the typhoon. So I used the Black and White Adjustment Layer by clicking on the Add new fill or adjustment layer button at the bottom of the Layers Panel and chose Black and White. This put the adjustment layer just above Layer 6a. I clipped the Black and White adjustment layer to Layer 6a. If you don't have the Black and White adjustment, you can use the Hue/Saturation adjustment and desaturate by sliding the Saturation slider to zero.

Layers 7b, 8b and 9b.  I did this for each photo. Even though two of the photos look like they might be black and white they were RGB files and may have had some color in them. And, I wanted them to be all black and white.

Layer 6.  Back to Layer 6. Layer 6 is the clipping mask layer for photo on Layer 6a. With Layer 6 being the active layer, I click on the Effects button of the Layers Panel and added a slight Drop Shadow and a Bevel and Emboss.

Layers 7, 8 and 9.  I right clicked on Layer 6 near the Effects symbol, but not on it. I selected Copy Layer Style. Then I went to Layers 7, 8 and 9 and right clicked to the right of the layer name and selected Paste Layer Style. This added the Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss to each of these layers.

Layer 10.  I now want to bring in my favorite texture, Kim's kk_stainedLinen, and have it only on the photo images not the whole page. Layer 10 is Kim's kk_stainedLinen. It is in Overlay Blend Mode and Opacity is 80%. But right now it is texturing the whole page. And, I want it just on the photos.

While Layer 10 is selected, hold down the Command/Control key and click on the thumbnail of Layer 6, which is the clipping mask for that photo. This will select that rectangle and you will see the marching ants around it. Continue, but this time use the  Command/Control key and the Shift key and click on the thumbnails for Layers 7, 8 and 9 clipping masks. Holding down the Shift key allows you to add more selections together. When you have all four of the areas selected, make sure you are on Layer 10, click on the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel. This will add a layer mask on Layer 10 and the texture will be applied only to the photos since the  areas over the photos will be white allowing the texture to show on the layer below.

Layer 11.  This layer is the title, "Back to School." I used Century Gothic Bold Italic font. I wanted to distress the letters. I used the technique I showed in my blog entry about using Filter/Distort/Displace. 


I knew I would not need to keep the text editable, so I rasterized the text layer. A text layer is a vector layer and really doesn't have any pixels on it. This displacement technique needs to have pixels on the layer. So you have to rasterize the layer to put pixels on the layer. But, it is no longer editable. I actually used Kim's kk_stainedLinen texture for my displacement map. The file for a displacement needs to be a .psd file. The texture file is a .jpg file. What I did was open the .jpg texture file in Photoshop and then Saved As a .psd file. I now can use that .psd file for my displacement. I added a Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss effects to the text.

Layers 9, 9a and 9b.  Layers 8, 8a, and 8b.  After looking at the layout, I decided to move the lower right-hand photo up into line with the top photos. This would allow me to put some text below the top row of photos in the open area. Then after moving the photo upward I also moved it a little to the right and also centered the middle photo between the two end photos. Remember, that when you move the photo you need to have all three associated layers selected. The photo mask layer, the photo layer, and the black and white adjustment layer.  However, after you have moved the images, you will notice that the texture layer does not follow and you have the texture showing where the images used to be and not where they are now. You can see it where the right image used to be and just to the left of the middle image since it was moved to the right. And, the texture is no longer over the moved photos.

Layer 11a.  I also put a Solid Color Fill Layer above the text Layer 11 and then clipped it to the text layer. I sampled the color for the layer from the palm trees in the background image. Using the adjustment layer for the text color allows me to change the color easily if I want to do so.

Layer 10.  The way I corrected for the texture not being over the photos was to go back to Layer 10,  the layer with the texture  kk_stainedLinen, and the layer mask showing the white rectangles where the photos used to be. Right-click on the layer mask icon and select Delete Layer Mask. Then do as we did before, hold down the Command/Control key and click on the thumbnail of Layer 6, which is the clipping mask for that photo. This will select that rectangle and you will see the marching ants around it. Continue, but this time use the  Command/Control key and the Shift key and click on the thumbnails for Layers 7, 8 and 9 clipping masks. Holding down the Shift key allows you to add more selections together. When you have all four of the areas selected, make sure you are on Layer 10, click on the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel. This will add a layer mask on Layer 10 and the texture will be applied only to the photos since the  areas over the photos will be white allowing the texture to show on the layer below. And, this is how the layout looks at this point.

Levels 12 and 13.  These two layers contain the text for the layout. I put each part on their own layer. I used Century Gothic Bold 12 pt. with white for the color. With the background image I am using, it was a little difficult to read just as is. So, I added a drop shadow effect. I clicked the Effects button at the bottom of the Layers Panel and selected Drop Shadow. In the Drop Shadow dialog box I set the Blend Mode to Linear Burn, Chose a very dark red (almost black) for the color, Opacity 100%, Angle 45, unchecked Use Global Light, Distance 5 px, Spread 0%, and Size 5 px. I copied the Layer Style from Layer 12 and pasted it into Layer 13.

Layer 14. I used a satellite image of a typhoon for this layer. I used the method of feathering that I show in a previous blog entry.


And, if you followed me to this point, here is the final layout that was created. 

I hope you enjoyed this tour through my thoughts and techniques as I created this layout. This is generally the way I create my layouts. I start with just some thought and go from there. Here I had the idea of using the four photographs to tell the story. And then I just let my mind and serendipity work in their own mysterious ways until I got to the end.

That is all for this eDition of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.

Life life and enjoy!



HeidiRose said...

Wow, Earl! What a fascinating bit of history and what great instructions for your textured layout!
I always look forward to seeing what you come up with on Texture Tuesday.
Heidi(aka Rosi)

Teresa said...

Well, I've thoroughly enjoyed this . . .your detailed explanation contains such a wealth of knowledge, thank you :-)Your finished work is just stunning, fabulous,a gorgeous piece of family history that can be admired for years and years. Teresa x

Pat Mark said...

Very creative Earl. Great story to go with it.

Cedar said...

Fantastic instructions and interesting post. Lovely final product.

johanna said...

fantastic, thanks for explaining all your steps so thoroughly!

Kia said...

Fabulous collage, what a lovely family memory you have created. :)

Nadege, said...

I love your collage and the story, and thank you for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic image and so much work. A credit to you. And a storyteller as well, thankyou for sharing those memories and your use of the techniques and textures.Inspirational!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I always enjoy your posts and tutorials on how you build your photos from a concept to the finished product. I always learn something new. Your story was also very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing. V

Grandma Deal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grandma Deal said...

This is a great work. And such a memorable story to go along with it. I appreciate that you share your techniques.

Jessica said...

What a great collage and what a memory! Love the way you brought it all together!

Bonnie said...

Fabulous work - thanks for the tutorial!

Barb said...

Truly a work of art! and what a fantastic step-by-step!

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

WOW! Great photo and even better story. Thanks so much for the tutorial also.

Peabea said...

What a great idea for back to school and the explanations. Nice!!

Barbara said...

I absolutely love your work! The texture and text here looks great. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of the world.


Marty's Fiber Musings said...

Fantastic story book....I can't wait to try your technique.

Grandma Deal said...

Good Morning, Earl. It's Tuesday, August 30th. I looked for you at Kim's Texture Tuesday. Hope you're well and that I find your challenge entry later today.

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