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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen October 11, 2011

Another week has gone by and Kim keeps giving us a new challenge to see what we do with it. If you haven't joined in the fun, go to Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen and join the fun. You will be glad you did. Our challenge for this week is:

Tuesday, October 11th TT Challenge Details:
Let's go with a color? Shall we? I loved the 'orange eDition' we did awhile back.  
How bout the color Red?
So to clarify.... your image must contain the color RED...and be processed with at least one layer of any of my textures. 

This required some of thinking about what to do for this. I was sitting in my comfortable chair in the living room reading a mystery novel. I looked up and my eyes focused on a Navajo rug that I have over the back of a sofa. What better use of my mostly red rug than to use it for the subject of this week's challenge? But, this required my taking a photo of the rug. I got out my handy Canon Powershot S90. Since it was about 11:00 PM, I made sure the flash was turned on; laid the rug on the floor; and took the photo. I had to take the picture from the side, so the perspective was not good for a rectangular rug. Photoshop to the  rescue! I opened the photo in CS5 (I am now mostly working on my new iMac on which is Photoshop CS5). Here is the original image.

I selected the Crop Tool and made a rectangular selection about the rug.

Then I made sure that the Perspective Box in the Options bar was checked. I clicked on a corner of the crop area and dragged it to the corner of the rug. I did this to all four corners of the crop.

Then I grabbed a center handle on one side of the crop and moved it out a way to give me some room around the rug and make sure the corner tassels are included. I did this to all four sides. Remember to use the handle in the middle of the side.

Then, accept the crop. You can double click inside the crop area, you can click on the Check Mark in the Options bar, or you can go to Image/Crop.

And now, I have a nice rectangular image of my rug. And, I am ready to create my weekly challenge.

Layer 1.
As I usually do, I opened a new 11 x 8.5-inch, 300 ppi, RGB, white background document. At this point, I usually leave it blank. However, I may need it for something later. I won't show my blank page that I stare at until the muse hits me.

Layer 2.
I was looking through my files of Kim's textures and thought that her kk_lifesgood texture would be great to start off. The texture, kk_lifesgood, is 12 x 12-inch. I used the free transform to move the edges to fit my 11 x 8.5-inch layout. I wanted to keep the border edges showing. Here it is at Normal Blending Mode and 100% Opacity.

I then changed its Blending Mode to Darker Color and Opacity 30%.

Layer 5 and Layer 6.
Layers 3 and 4 will come later and be put under Layers 5 and 6. Layer 5 is my photo of the perspective corrected Navajo rug. I have rotated it and resized it to fit what I want for my layout. Layer 6 is a photo I took of the tag that is attached to one corner of the rug. It shows a photo of the weaver, Linda Joe, who wove my rug, holding the finished rug. This gives you an idea of the size of the rug. The Blending Mode is Normal and Opacity 100% for both images.

Layer 7 and Layer 8.
These are two text layers. For Layer 7 I used the Horizontal Type Tool to make a text box area. I used Century Gothic, Bold, Black for the font. I typed in my text. While on Layer 7, I selected my Move Tool and while holding down the Option/Alt key clicked in the text area. The cursor changes into a double arrowhead indicating that I can now drag a copy. I dragged the copy over to the right side of the page. This created the copy on its own layer, Layer 8. I moved and resized the text box to fit under the two images and be as wide as they are. I double clicked on the text thumbnail, which selected all the text, and then started typing in my new text for this text box. When I started typed, all the old text was deleted. I also aligned the lines of text in the two text boxes so that they are along the same horizontal line across the page.

Layer 4.
Layer 4 goes below Layer 5. Actually, Layer 4 is really four layers, but you can combine them together when you are finished moving the individual parts to where you want them. For this I need to tell you a little about some of the early red color that was used in Navajo weaving. Red in the early weavings was obtained from ravelled yarn (the unravelled and re-twisted threads obtained from bolts of trade cloth, especially the cochineal insect red-dyed English baize trade cloth, known by the Spanish as bayetta.) Since the cochineal insect was used for this red coloring in the early rugs, not in my rug, I thought they would be good to use on my layout. So, I got an image from the internet and created a brush. I stamped the cochineal insect in various parts of the layout. I used the Brush Panel / Brush Tip Shape section to change the direction of the insect. I used black for the Foreground Color, Normal Blending Mode, the top two insects 30% Opacity and the bottom ones at 20% Opacity.

Layer 9.
For this layer, I used Kim's kk_waterstainedframe texture. This is also a 12 x 12-inch texture. I used the free transform to move its edges to the edges of my 11 x 8.5- inch layout. I wanted the wonderful frame edges to show. Here it is at Normal Blending Mode sand 100% Opacity.

And here it is at Linear Burn Blending Mode and 100% Opacity.

At this point, the texture is over the photos and is therefore showing on the photos. I didn't want the texture on the photos. I could have just moved the texture layer below the images. But, then I wouldn't have shown you this way of fixing my little problem. While this layer is selected, I held down the Command / Control key and clicked on the thumbnail of Layer 5. This put a selection around the image of the rug. Then still holding down the Command / Control key I added the Shift key and clicked on the thumbnail of Layer 6. This added a selection around the image of Linda Joe. Both images have a selection around them. Layer 9 is still the active layer. I hit the delete / backspace key and those two areas are cut from the texture layer and the texture is no longer over the images.

Layer 10.
This layer is the title. I used the same font as for the text, Century Gothic, Bold, black, but sized to fit the area from the left aligned with the text below to the right close to the insect. The Blending Mode is Normal, but the Opacity reduced to 30%.

Layer 11 and Layer 12.
The color used for both the signature brush and the Type Tool is a tannish gray selected from the upper right corner areas of the layout and then made a darker shade in the color picker. Layer 11 is the signature at the lower right of the layout: Normal Mode, Opacity 60%. Layer 12 is the date: Normal Mode, Opacity 80%.

Layer 3.
I didn't forget Layer 3. Layer 3 goes just above Layer 2, the kk_lifesgood layer.  The layout needed something else. The red is rather powerful and needs something to balance it a little better. While at the Hubbell Trading Post, I took a photo of the entrance into the Post. With a little help in Photoshop it works nicely to balance the layout. I brought the photo in and moved it to the lower middle of the layout. Here it is at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity.

I want to blend a portion of the photo into the background. I will use the method of feathering I showed in my blog in the post on "Control your Feathering." With the Rectangular Marquee Tool, I made a selection of the main part that I wanted to show. Then in the Mask Panel I feathered the mask.

If I hold down the Option / Alt key and click on the mask thumbnail, this is what the mask looks like.

I hold down the Option / Alt key and click on the mask thumbnail again to go back to the normal view.

To get my final image, I kept the Blending Mode at Normal and reduced the Opacity to 40%. And, I was happy with the result.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I got from seeing the rug on my sofa to this final layout. 

Enjoy your life to the fullest. However, it is not always easy to do so. Try your best. Scrapbooking your thoughts will help.



Yuè said...

wow, you are very creative. here's my entry

Sandy said...

wow you did a lot for this! it's wonderful!

Nadege, said...

Wow, very impressive work.

Rosie said...

What a great result Earl! Thanks for sharing your process... I'm off to read about "feathering", so thanks for the link. =)

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

Very nice - the process worked magnificently.

Anonymous said...

Earl,you've certainly mastered Photoshop,I'm still trying to learn from the beginning, all trial and error...more error at the moment!I've been using Picasa3...I love your concept and artistry! TT#50 twistedvines

Ruth said...

a wonderful and interesting post as always Earl :) wonderful pics and ideas, really great.

fotogran said...

You have a very creative mind and sure know how to use Photoshop. Wonderful image!

A Garden of Threads said...

Wow!!! Fabulous finish.

Kathy said...

Nice rug...I like how you turned your photo into a collage with added history...very cool processing you did and lots of work. Thanks for sharing.


Dorian Susan said...

Wow....you did a lot of work. Thanks for the very complete description of how you put this together. I love the little insects and addition of the building at the bottom.

Grandma Deal said...

Magnificent work. I love the rug/art. It was also very clever of you to save the tag and take a photo of the shop. Your foresight was quite fortuitous. And, I learned something from you...again. The tip on Layer 9 about cutting out the images from layers 5 and 6. I had to copy that and intend to use it right away - just to help instill it in my mind.

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