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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen November 15, 2011

I couldn't make up my mind on what to do for this Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen (click to go Kim's site). So, I did three different layouts since I could not choose which one to use. Here are the guidelines for the challenge.

Tuesday, November 15th's TT Theme is:
I'd like to put the latest texture, Phoebe to the test.... What do you say? Are you willing to give it a play? 
Your image must contain at least one layer of Phoebe.
Over the week since last Tuesday, I tried three different approaches for this challenge. I liked all three. Today's blog is going to be longer than the usual length. I want to show you all three.
Image 1:
I went from this –
To this –
Image 2:
I went from this to this –
To this –
Image 3:
I went from this –
To this –

Image 1:

Layer 1.  For this layer, I opened a new document that was 11 x 8.5-inch Landscape, 300 ppi, RGB, white background. I won't show my blank white layer.

Layer 2. My Granddaughter had been playing on my iMac computer using Photo Booth. Photo Booth comes with a Mac. It allows you to take distorted photos using the built-in camera that comes on the Mac. I did not realize that she had left some of these photos in Photo Booth. I needed a photo of me for a book that I am making and opened Photo Booth to take a photo of me. I found what she had left. I could not resist using one of the images for this TT Challenge. Photo Booth gives you the normal image and the distorted image. I placed them both on Layer 2. I cropped them a little and moved them next to each other. I hope you find them as humorous as I do.

Layer 3.  The camera on the Mac has a large depth of field. The background is in sharp focus and tends to distract from the main part of the images. To eliminate some of this distraction, Layer 3 is a duplicate (Command / Control - J) of Layer 2. I clicked on the layer thumbnail of Layer 1 to put a selection around the image area and to confine the blur to the image. I added a Gaussian Blur of 12 pixels to the layer (Filter / Blur / Gaussian blur).

I left the selection active around the image area and clicked on the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel. This put a layer mask that hides the area outside the image and allows the image area to be seen.  I clicked on the layer mask thumbnail to make it active. Then I selected the Brush Tool, chose a soft round brush with black as my Foreground Color and then painted over the region of the image that is my granddaughter so as to hide the blurriness over her. This leaves the background out of focus and not so noticeable. Remember, if you painted over too much, you can switch the color to white and add some back in.

If you hold down the Option / Alt key and click on the Layer Mask Thumbnail, you can see what the mask looks like. Then I held down the Option / Alt key and click on the Layer Mask Thumbnail to go back to the normal view.

Layer 4.  I bring in the kk_phoebe texture for this layer. This is what it looks like at Normal Blending Mode and 100% Opacity after I Free Transformed the texture to fit my page size.

With this layer the active layer, I click on the thumbnail of Layer 2 to put a selection around the image area. Then I held down the Option / Alt key and I clicked on the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel to put a mask on Layer 4 that hides everything inside the image area and gives just the texture outside the image. I want the area around the image to be the texture at Normal and 100%.

Layer 5.  I want the texture, kk_phoebe, to be over the image, but with a different blending mode and opacity. I duplicated Layer 4 (Command / Control - J) for Layer 5. With Layer 5 the active layer, I clicked on the Layer Mask thumbnail to make it active and then inverted (Command / Control - I) the mask. Now you see the mask over the image area. I changed the layer Blend Mode to Hue and set Opacity 60%. I liked this for the layout.

Layer 6, Layer 7, Layer 8 and Layer 9.  These four layers are Text. Layer 6 is the title. The font used is Zapfino. Layer 7 is the journaling. The font used is Dear Sarah. Layer 8 is a brush for my signature that was made using Papyrus for the font. Layer 9 is the date using Papyrus font so as to match the signature.

Image 2:

I recently watched a tutorial on Posterizing Images with Control and Flexibility that was given by Julieanne Kost of Adobe Systems. She used Adobe Photoshop CS5 for the demonstration. It was very informative and I recommend your watching the video. You can see it by clicking HERE.

I thought it would be a great method to use on this image of a white chrysanthemum.

Layer 1.  I opened a new document that is 11 x 8.5-inches, landscape, 300 ppi, RGB, and white background. I won't show this white blank layer.

Layer 2. This will be a layer that I insert later. It is not there yet. Be patient, I will get to putting it in later. So all you see now is still Layer 1.

Layer 3. This is the image of the white chrysanthemum. I cropped the image and Free Transformed (Command / Control - T) it to be the size I wanted on my layout.

Layer 4.  I now started following the method of posterizing that Julieanne Kost showed in her tutorial. By posterizing I mean limiting the number of colors in an image. The image at this point is an RGB image. That is, it has a red channel, a green channel and a blue channel that make up the colored image on my display. Each of these channels are in reality actually shades of gray. But, when combined they show as color on my monitor. When you use the Posterize Adjustment Layer on a RGB image, Photoshop actually determines the number of levels for each of the three channels. When these are combined on the display, there more levels showing because of the overlap of the channels. So the first thing I want to do is to change the RGB image into a gray scale image. I used the Channel Mixer Adjustment since this allows me to change it if I want to since it is an adjustment layer. All I did was click on the Monochrome check box to select that. All my color info is still available since this is an adjustment layer.

And my image is now in gray scale.

Layer 5.  Now I posterize the gray scale image. I opened the Posterize Adjustment layer. I set the number of levels to 10. Watching my image while changing the number of levels, I decided that 10 was what I wanted to use.

And my image now has 10 levels of gray in the image. 

Layer 6.   But, they are all shades of gray and I want color in my image. An easy way to add color back into the image is by adding a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer. I click on the Gradient Map Adjustment to open it.

Then I clicked on the image of the gradient to open the Gradient Editor and I modified the gradient as shown. I wanted to use this blue color. It was a choice I made at this point.

Julieanne Kost shows how to do this in her tutorial that I mentioned above. Also, I show how in a couple of earlier blog entries near the beginning of my blog. My image now looks like this.

Layer 7.  Now I brought in kk_phoebe texture for this layer. Here it is at Normal Blend Mode and 100% Opacity and Free Transformed to fit my image size. I want to keep the edges of the texture on the image.

And this is how it looks after I change the Blend Mode to Difference and leave the Opacity 100%. I have told you that I really like the Difference Blend Mode.

Layer 8.  For Layer 8,  duplicated Layer 7 (Command / Control - J) and then changed the Layer Blend Mode to Overlay with Opacity 100%.

Layer 9.  I duplicated Layer 3, the image of the flower, and brought the duplicate to the top of the stack as Layer 9. I left the Blend Mode as Normal, but reduced the Opacity to 30%.

Layer 10. I duplicated Layer 9 for this layer. I changed the Blend Mode to Pin Light and Opacity 100%.

And, then I gave the layer a little Drop Shadow and a little Bevel and Emboss.

Layer 2.  I didn't forget Layer 2. Layer 2 is placed between Layers 1 and 3. It is the texture kk_phoebe. I Free Transformed it to fit my whole page. I set the Blend Mode to Luminosity and Opacity 100%.

Layers 11, 12 and 13.  These are text layers. Layer 11 is the title. It was black in color with Opacity 40% and Fill 60%. Trajan Pro font was used for the title. Layer 12 is actually a brush for my signature. It was white in color with Opacity 70%. Layer 13 is the Date. It is Papyrus font, black, Opacity 70%.

Image 3.

This technique is about giving the image a painterly look. I have never been a good, or even a mediocre painter. That is why I like Photoshop so much. Photoshop allows me to let the painter in me out. There is one painting that I did in First Grade, many, many years ago, that I consider one of my best efforts. This is it. I think the flowers are supposed to be either marigolds or chrysanthemums.

The technique I will use for the following image I saw in a tutorial by Russell Brown (click here to go to the tutorial). The Mixer Brush Tool is used to do clone painting. It is amazing and even I who cannot paint can do a remarkable painting. I highly recommend your watching his video.

Background Layer becomes Layer 0.  Again I start with a new document that is 11 x 8.5-inches, landscape, 300 ppi, RGB, and with white background. This document opens with this layer as a Background Layer. As such, it is locked. I double click on the layer in the Layers Panel and accept the name of Layer 0 for the layer and it now a standard layer and not locked. 
I bring in my photo and it comes in above Layer 0. Using the Free Transform and the Crop, I made the image the size of my layout. Then I merged down the layer (Command / Control - E) and combined it into Layer 0.

Layer 1.  This is a new blank layer above Layer 0. So the image looks just the same as it did before. 

Now I select the new Mixer Brush Tool. And select the items I indicate with the red arrows.

If you haven't watched the Russell Brown tutorial, you really should if you want to use this method.

Next, I set the Opacity of Layer 0 to 50%.

Then using the Mixer Brush Tool, with Layer 1 the active layer, I start cloning from the original, Layer 0. And I create a rough underpainting.

Then, I move the Layer 1 with the rough underpainting below Layer O. Now the layer that I am painting on is below my original image layer. And look at the difference we now have.

I keep working t it with changing the brush size and even lowering the opacity of Layer 0. And I get this. At this point, I turn off the visibility of Layer 0, the original image.

Layer 2.  I now bring in the kk_phoebe texture layer for this layer. Using Free Transform I make it the same size as my layout. I want the edges of the texture to show. Then I changed the Blending Mode to Pin Light with Opacity 30%.

Layer 3.  I duplicated Layer 2 (Command / Control - J) and used the duplicate for Layer 3. I changed the Blend Mode to Linear Burn with Opacity 40%.

Layer 4 and Layer 5.  Layer 4 is my signature and Layer 5 is the date. Both are white and Opacity 50%. And, that is my final work on this layout.

I hope that you enjoyed my triple show for this Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. I hope that I didn't ramble on too much. I just couldn't decide what to show, so I showed all three.

That is all for now. 




johanna said...

i love all three and i am very envious not to have this photo booth!!

hannah said...

Such a thorough approach and some great results.
The mum was a very good subject.

Cathy said...

the photos of your granddaughter are so cute! i bet she will be surprised to see herself on your blog : )

Nadege, said...

I love them all. The first one looks so much fun to do and the the last one looks just like a painting.

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

Wow - such a lot of work this week. The images are wonderful. I appreciate the process, too. Thank you so much. kareninkenai

fotogran said...

Your images and processing are wonderful. I love them all! You have inspired me to try these methods, thank you for a fantastic post!

Linda Trine said...

I enjoyed your tutorial on all 3 of your Texture Tuesday submissions! I especially love the technique you used on the 3rd image. I will have to check out Russell Brown's Tutorial on that effect. Thank you for sharing!

Terrie said...

I always love your detailed and amazing tutorials or recipes. They give me so many ideas to try, though I have Elements not PS, so as I read your recipes I'm trying to imagine what I would do in PSE to come close. Sometimes I know and sometimes I just have to be in awe. Thanks for sharing (btw, my fave is the last one - just LOVE that painterly effect).

Deborah said...

Fantastic - and the step by step process is amazing; as a beginner, it is a great too for me to experiment and learn!

bailey-road.com said...

What a fun image the first shot is! The other two are beautiful. Wonderful work on all three!

tt-phobe-edition said...

I think I love the final cut of the last photo...I'll have to come back and look at the finer print of all your details...beautiful photo's as alway a job well done!

Barb said...

Oh my that portrait is comical and I love how you processed it! She's a cutie!

Carole Meisenhelter said...

...you clever girl; you put so much into this post and made it especially interesting and very creative. Well done; I like what you did.

Suzanne Carter said...

Hi , love your post and your images, wow you are a great teacher and I love the way you ahve laid everythign out. Very very inspiring, thanks so much
Blessings from downunder

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