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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen January 24, 2012

Here is my entry for this week's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. If you like textures and you are not already a member of Texture Lovin' List, click on this link to go to Kim's Cafe and sign in and you will receive free textures from Kim.

Here is Kim's theme for this week.

Tuesday, January 24th's TT Theme is:
How 'bout another prompt....a word...  a starting point.....
Are you ready? the word is 'story'..... (I have 'story' on the brain....we are talking about our stories over at Beyond Layers....
I think this will be a fantastic prompt for TT. Lots of possiblities.
The image must be 'themed' around the word 'story'...and contain at least one layer of any of my textures.

There is a story behind the photograph. But, let me show you what I have done.

Layer 0.  I opened a new document that was 11 x 8.5-inch Landscape, 300 ppi, RGB, white background. I usually start a new layout with the size I want and 300 ppi, RGB, white background. I won't show this layer as it is just a white layer.
Layer 1.  My granddaughter took this photo using her iPhone. She then sent it to me as an email. Instant photography and it was already on my computer within a few moments! That is me in the background. I brought this image in as my Layer 1. I resized it to fit my layout using Free Transform.

Layer 2.  I Placed Kim Klassen's kk_storm Texture for this layer. Here is how kk_storm looks at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity.

Then I changed the Layer Blend Mode to Lighten and Opacity 75%.

Now, I did not want the texture over the caterpillar, so I clicked on the Add layer mask Button at the bottom of the Layers Panel to add a white layer mask, which shows all. Then, using a round, soft brush with black color, I painted over the caterpillar area of the layer mask to hide the texture from the caterpillar.

Layer 3.  I did not like all the gray color of the texture. But, I wanted some of it to show. Using the Eye Dropper Tool, I sampled some of the yellow-green color from the image. This made that color my Foreground Color. I then clicked the button to Create new Adjustment Layer and selected Hue/Saturation. In the Hue/Saturation dialog, I clicked on Colorize to select it. Since I had the yellow-green color in my Foreground Color, that is the color that was used to colorize the image. I clipped this layer to Layer 2, the image with the layer mask so that it was affecting only Layer 2. The color was now showing only outside the caterpillar.

But, now it was too green for me. So, I changed the Layer Blend Mode to Overlay and left Opacity 100%. This gave me what I wanted.

Layer 4.  It was now time to put in the title. I used Papyrus font in white, Normal, 100% Opacity. I put this much of the title on its own layer.

Layer 5. I wanted the type to be larger and placed where I wanted it, so the remainder of the title went on its own layer.

I did not like the dot over the i. So i added a layer mask by clicking the Add Layer Mask Button. Then I used a hard round black brush to paint, on the mask, over the i's dot to hide the dot.

Layer 6.  I could have been finished at the point. But, I wanted to add a distressed border around the image. To do this, I made Layer 6 a composite layer of all the visible layers below it. With Layer 5 being the active layer, I used the keyboard shortcut, Command / Control - Option / Alt - Shift - E, to create the composite layer above Layer 5. The composite layer becomes Layer 6. Then I turned off the visibility of all the layers below this one except of the Layer 0, Background layer. I then used the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make a selection about 3/8-inch in from all the edges. Then, using Refine Edge in the Option Bar I created this distressed edge. You can see how to do this in my previous blog entry (Click to go there). One nice thing about this method is that each one is different as it depends on the image you are using.

Layer 7 and Layer 8.  These are my signature and date layers. White, Normal Mode, 100% Opacity. And this is my final result. I really like the fine texture that is in Kim's kk_storm texture.

Here is how my Layers Panel looks at the end.

Instead of telling you my story behind the photo, I want you to make up your own story to go along with my image. How is that for a twist?

I hope you enjoyed my tour through the process I went down to get the final result.

Live life to the fullest.



Cedar said...

Interesting shot and composition! Fun!

Kaylene said...

Interesting and yummy

JP Beth said...

Very clever and very informative...thank you. And yes, I have eaten a caterpillar (roll) many times.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Very creative. The sushi looks so colourful. V

tidbitsandtreasures2011 said...

Thanks for such a comprehensive description of your process. It makes me wish I was on my way home so I could try out these techniques-- instead, I'm on my way to work. I'll definitely come back to this later.

sarayutouched said...

very creative...nice that you included all the steps!!

Suzanne Carter said...

Hi Love your image and fantastic instructions, thanks so much for sharing. Blessings Suzanne

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