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Friday, February 3, 2012

Beyond Layers with Kim Klassen February 3, 2012

In Day 6, Kim showed us a Storyboard and asked us to create one with our own story. This morning as I looked out my front window, I saw my usual parade of wild turkeys strolling along the way in front of my house. I quickly got my camera and took a sequence of shots as them came across my neighbors yard and headed toward mine. Then they ambled off across the way and went behind that neighbors house. They do not mind having their pictures taken. In fact, they are not afraid of people at all. When they cross the road, they don't hurry at all and the cars stop and wait for them to finish crossing.

So here is my storyboard of this event that happened this morning.

I hope you enjoyed this little experience with me. I get to see this parade most mornings. The turkeys are fun to see and watch.



Angie said...

Ha hah! Funny turkeys! And gusty, too! :) Making traffic stop for them - they must be female.

I loved your storyboard and images. I think it'd be great to wake up and watch this parade every morning. :)

JudyL said...

This story-board really made me smile! I 'discovered' your blog from KK and her BL...admired your photos there. Your knowledge on Photoshop seems to know no bounds and I'm in complete awe! I don't seem to be able to discover a 'profile' for you as to how you got to be such a master on the subject but I do love your tutorials. I'm really new at all this and am only just getting to grips with the principles of PS, having started with CS3 and just recently upgraded to CS5. I've signed up as a 'follower' to your blog, so I'm hoping somewhere along the line I'll get an email letting me know of your new entries. Thank you so much for all your inspirational work.

Patchwork said...

Very interesting story board here, Earl. Thanks for sharing. I have a bunch that roost in the woods behind my house. They make a trek everyday through the snow, up to the deck to peck at what the birds fling from their feeders.

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