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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen February 14, 2012

Again, another Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.

Kim's guideline for this TT was

  • your image must contain at least one layer of any of my textures and be centered around the theme, Happiness.
  • that's it. :)
Here is what my image looked like at the beginning.

And this is my final result.

Here is what I did.

Layer 1.  I Opened a new document that was my image. I cropped and resized it to fit in an 8.5 x 11 - inch, 300 ppi, RGB, document. Layer 1 is my bottom layer in the Layers Panel and it is my image.

Layer 2.  For this layer, I made a selection only of the vase, and then used a technique I saw on the Russell Brown Show for doing Clone Painting to give a painterly effect to just the vase. I changed the Blend Mode to Luminosity and Opacity 60%. That gave a slightly hand painted look to just the vase.

Layer 3.  I used Kim's kk_felicity texture for this layer. At Normal Mode and 100% Opacity, it looks like this.

Then I changed the Blend Mode to Multiply and Opacity 30%.

Layer 4.  I then used the Pen Tool to make an open curved path that sort of followed the bottom and right side of the vase. I used the Text Tool to place the text on the path. And typed in the word Happiness. I used black for the text and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light with 100% Opacity.

Layer 5.  I added a new layer and filled it with 50% gray and set the Blend Mode to Soft Light. Then I used the Burn Tool to darken the edges of the page.

Layers 6 and 7.  Layer 6 is my signature stamp and Layer 7 is the date. Both used Papyrus font. I used Black color and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light at 100% Opacity. And it was now done.

Here is what my Layers Panel looks like.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this tour.

Live life!



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