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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beyond Layers with Kim Klassen -----April 19, 2012

On Day 27, 18 April 2012, Kim Klassen gave us the following challenge:

Today's Challenge
Pick one image and process it 3 different ways. Get creative...play...experiment.... let it flow. And ENJOY the process. 

Also, she gave us three textures that we could use if we wished. And, Kim showed us a video of three tips and tricks that she using on her photos. 

I used an image of a box of soft pastels for my one image to process in three different ways. I am not going to show all the steps for the three ways. I'll just ell you what I did.

So you could see all the images at at the same time, I put the original and the three processed ones on the same layout.

The upper left is the original image Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC).

For the upper right image, I changed it to Black and White. I applied the texture kk_abstract, with Soft Light mode. Then added a Levels adjustment layer to the texture and increased the midtone  levels a little to make a little between just soft light and multiply.  Brought the color back to one of the pastels.

For the lower left image, I brought in Kim's texture kk_coolgrunge at Soft Light and 50% Opacity. Then I added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and decreased the saturation in the reds and greens. Then I brought back the color in one of the pastels.

For the lower right image, I brought in Kim's kk_framed texture at soft light and 100% Opacity. Then I converted the image to black and white using a Gradient Map. Then I added a layer with Noise and then blurred the Noise a little. This makes it look a little like grain in pictures taken on film.

The background of the layout is Kim's texture kk_abstract at Normal and 100% Opacity. I then added a large version of my flower that I made to overlay her texture. And I added in three smaller flowers also.

That is what I did.



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