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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen April 24, 2012

What fun! Here is another Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. Kim's Challenge details are:

Let's talk next week's TT theme. (April 24th)

How 'bout a WaterColour eDition?

Your image must contain at least one layer of Oh my or Let Go.

As I have mentioned previously, I recently got a Lensbaby Composer Pro lens for my Canon EOS 40D. It is a lot of fun to use. I used one of my images that was taken with the Double Optic lens. This gives a sharp focus in the middle and decreasing focus as you out out from the sharp focus area. The lens tilts, so you can put the sharp focus area almost anywhere in the image area. For the image I used here, I used an aperture of F/4, 1/160 sec, ISO 200. I tilted the Lensbaby to the left so that the area of sharp focus was to the left side of the image and became more out of focus and distorted as you went to the right.

Layer 1.  I opened my image in a new document. This is the image as shot by the camera. I did not crop the image. To better see the effects of the Lensbaby, it is usually better not to crop the image as the effect increases toward the edges of the image. My camera gives me an image that is approximately 12 x 9-inch at 300 ppi. Here is my image.

Layer 2.  Layer 2 is a duplicate of Layer 1. It is at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity. It looks just the same as Layer 1, so I won't show it.

Layer 3. For this layer, I brought in Kim's texture kk_ohMy. This what it looks like at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity. The texture is originally 12 x 12-inch, so I used the Free Transform ( Command / Control - T ) to change it to my 11 x 8.5-inch layout.

I changed the layer blending mode to Soft Light with Opacity 100%.

This brightened up the image and added in a little of the texture.

Layer 4.  I duplicated Layer 3. I changed the Layer Blend Mode to Multiply and reduced the Opacity to 50%. This darkened the image and added in more texture. However, there was too much texture over the sharp in focus lilac blossom. I added a layer mask to the layer and then painted with a black soft brush on the mask over the blossom area from which I wanted to remove the texture.

Layer 5.  For this layer, I made a brush from the texture kk_ohMy. I made it a light texturing brush. Then I sampled a lilac color from the image and gently added in the color on this layer mainly around the edges of the image. I changed the layer Blend Mode to Linear Dodge at 50% Opacity. This gave me what I was looking for for the image.

Layers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  These layers are the text and my signature stamp and date. The words for the title are the last dialog in the movie, The Tourist. I really enjoyed the movie. Of all the good lines within the movie, these are my favorite. And, I think they are fitting for an image created with the Lensbaby lens. You either like the distortion away from the sweet spot of sharp focus, or you don't like it. All the years I have been taking photographs, I have been trying to have my image in focus. Now, with the Lensbaby, I am on purpose trying to create images that are not in focus, in a special way. I am beginning to like the Lensbaby results since my mind is now thinking of art not just a reproduction of the scene. It is fun!

Layer 11.  I was almost finished, but then I thought that the edges could be a little darker so as to bring the eye into the image. I added this new layer and filled it with 50% gray and chained the blend mode to Soft Light at 100% Opacity. I then made sure my Foreground Color was black. I selected a soft round brush and set the brush opacity to 30%. Then I clicked on the top left corner of the image, held the shift key down, click on the top right corner, still keeping the shift key down, Clicked on the bottom right corner, clicked on the bottom left corner, and then on the top left corner. This burned in the edge of the image slightly. I was now happy with my result.

This is how my Layers Panel looks at the end.

I hope you liked my tour of how I used Kim's kk_ohMy texture and my lilac image that was shot with the Lensbaby lens.

Enjoy your life to the fullest.



Anonymous said...

Lovely photo and I like the walk through too :-)

Deborah said...

engaging photo, and your recipe is fascinating!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Glad you are enjoying the course on the Lensbaby. I think the texture enhances the effects of the lensbaby and brings your eye right to the branch of the lilac. Very nice Earl. V

LeAnne said...

Extraordinary! I always love a good walkthrough on how pieces are created. I need to slow down and document I do. I sort of just sling pixels around. LOL This would be a great addition to the new Flower Art Friday linkup. Hope you'll join us! Here's the link!


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