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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And More Watercolor Papers

I am sorry about the problem many of you had with downloading the previous two sets of watercolor papers. Hopefully that problem has been fixed and you should be able to download them now. To thank you for your patience, here is Set 3 for 6 more watercolor papers that I have made. This is what they look like.

You can download Set 3 by clicking HERE.

If you did not get Set 1 and Set 2, and you want them, you can download Set 1 by clicking HERE.

And, Set 2 by clicking HERE.

Remember, try stacking two or more of the watercolors and changing the blending modes. You can get some really interesting results doing this. As an example, here are five papers created using Paper 13 and Paper 18 from this Set 3. I have Paper 13 on top of Paper 18 in the Layers stack. Then I changed the Layer Blend Mode of the top paper, Paper 13 and left the Opacity 100%. 

Here Layer 13 has the Blend Mode Color.

Here Layer 13 has the Blend Mode Hard Light.

Here Layer 13 has the Blend Mode Hue.

Here Layer 13 has the Blend Mode Lighter Color.

Here Layer 13 has the Blend Mode Saturation.

So, you see you can get some interesting results. You could change the Opacity and get still other results. You could add a third layer of watercolor papers and change its blend modes and opacity. Add a color overlay to a layer and change the blend mode of the color overlay and maybe its opacity. Have fun with them.




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