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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen May 15, 2012

Here I am with this week's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. Kim's guideline for this week was:

Next week's TT theme. (May 15th)
Let's keep it simple... Any texture...any theme...  another free & easy eDition. 
For this week I used a photo that I took in the woods near my house. The Dame's Rocket were blooming and this tree was just crying to be included in the image. Here is what I did to my image.
Layer 0.  I started by opening a new document that was 12 x 12-inch, 300 ppi, RGB, and white background. I won't show it since it is just a white layer.
Layer 1.  I brought in my photo for this layer. Since the image size from my camera and the square size of my layout are not the same, I used the Free Transform, Command / Control - T, to resize my image so that it covered my page. I selected the portion of the image, by moving the image layer, so that I had the part of the image that I wanted included in the layout. Here is my image.
 The Dame's Rocket in my area vary in color from white, purple, and combinations of the two colors. They really are very pretty throughout the woods. The image is in Normal Mode at 100% Opacity.
Layer 2.  For Layer 2, I brought in Kim's texture kk_wet_tile. Here is kk_wet_tile at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity.
I changed the Mode to Hue at 100% Opacity and got this.
For some reason I was in a "gold" mood, so I liked this. But I need to do something more.
Layer 3.  I added in Kim's texture kk_coolgrunge. This is kk_coolgrunge at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity.
I changed the Mode to Divide at 100% Opacity. 
And this has brought out the gold for me and has given me a nice texture and color over the tree trunk. It also gives me a nice texturing over the upper background area.
Layer 4.  I wanted a little something more. I brought in Kim's texture kk_softly for this layer. Here is kk_softly at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity.
I changed the Mode to Color Burn and reduced the Opacity to 30%.
This added in the little extra boost to the image that I wanted. I really like the way the gold appears throughout the image. how the texture of the tree trunk shows, and how the texturing of the upper background gives sort of a shimmering effect. So, this my final image.
Here is what my Layers Panel looks like at the end.

I hope that you enjoyed the Dame's Rocket in the woods. 

Live life fully and nicely.



PrairieJill said...

What a lovely effect!! Thanks for explaining how you did it.

Kia said...

Beautiful effect! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful editing, thanks for sharing how you achieved it :-)

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Your photo now has the appearance of sun coming through the trees. Very warm. Beautiful. Valerie

A Garden of Threads said...

Cool picture. Thanks for the editing information.

Diana Taylor said...

Lovely image and great to see how you achieved it - thanks for that

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful transformation, it really does seem to shimmer. Thanks for the editing information too. I'm still new at this so it's always nice to see how different textures will react with different photos

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