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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am taking Kim Klassen's online course Beyond Layers. Today, on Day 51, Kim showed us a video on creating a dream-like feeling to our image. A challenge for us today was to use the recipe that she showed us in the video on one of our own images. 

My son-in-law emailed me several photos that he took with his iPhone while at the beach. I especially like this photo which I will use for this challenge. 

Here is the actual email photo.

In Photoshop I opened the image in ACR. I adjusted the image to what I thought was more like the true scene coloring. Then I straightened and cropped the image. And, then I flipped it in the horizontal to give me this image. This image is my starting point for my challenge in using Kim's recipe. 

Step 1.  I opened the image in a new Photoshop document.

Step 2.  Next, I clicked on the button at the bottom of the Layers Panel to open the Brightness / Contrast adjustment layer. I adjusted the contrast slider all the way to the left to -50.

And, the image now looks like this.

Step 3.  Next I opened up the Color Balance adjustment layer. I selected Midtones and increased the Cyan-Red slider to +30 to increase the amount of red in the image. Then decreased the Yellow-Blue slider to -30 to increase the amount of yellow in the image. Then I set the Shadows to the same values....+30 Red and -30 Yellow. Now this is how the image looks.

Step 4.  Next I used a Black to White Gradient Map adjustment layer.

Then I changed the layer blend mode to Screen and reduced the Opacity to 30%, for this.

Step 5.  Next I added a Solid Color adjustment layer and selected a nice bright blue in the color picker. And then set the layer blend to Exclusion.

But then I reduced the layer Opacity to 24% for this.

Step 6.  Next I added a Hue / Saturation adjustment layer. In Kim's video she reduced the saturation of the yellows to -35. But, instead of yellow, i reduced the saturation of Red to -35. And have this result.

Step 7.  Now I brought in for the next layer Kim's texture kk_thursday. Here is what it looks like at Normal mode and 100% Opacity.

Then I changed the blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity 40%.

Step 8.  Next I brought in Kim's texture kk_yesteryear for my next layer. Here it is at Normal mode and Opacity 100%.

Then  I changed the layer blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity 60%.

Step 9 and 10.  For the next layer, I created a text layer that had my quotation on it. I used the font Chalkduster. I selected a color from the sand area and made it darker for the text color. Then I create a new text layer for the quotation attribution. I used the font Chaparral Pro. I used the same brown color. I opened the Character Panel and clicked at the bottom to made the text all Caps. However, now I have to remember when I am done to come back and unclick All Caps otherwise the next time I use the Text Tool it will be in all caps. These buttons are "sticky." they stay the way they are until you change them. I placed these two layers as I wanted them. And I set the layer blend mode of the attribution layer to Soft Light. And this is my final image. It does have a nice Dream-Like quality to it now.

Here is what my Layers Panel looks like at the end.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I went about using Kim's recipe for Dream-Like.

Live life fully and enjoy what you are doing.



Pieces of Sunshine said...

You have created something beautiful from something very ordinary.

kimB said...

Great job on processing your son-in-law's photo, Earl! Love your results and what a great quote to go with the image :)

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