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Monday, July 23, 2012

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen July 24, 2012

Here is one of my favorite things for Tuesdays....Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. 

For this eDition, Kim gave the following guideline....

here is Tuesday July 24th's theme.
Let's take TT outdoors... Your image must be shot outdoors....and textured with at least one layer of any of my textures.... that's it..that's all....easy peasy...

It has been just too hot for me to be outside much lately. We have been at about 100°F plus for several days now and at my age, that is just too hot to be outside. So I looked through some of my Spring photos and came up with this one of the new growth candles on the pine tree in my front yard. I also noticed this fine image of something nice and cool. I thought it was a little too hokey to use, but I will put it here at the top so I can look at it and keep cool.


Now back to reality. 

Here is my pine candle image after I was done doing my thing to it.

Mouse over to see the original image.

And this is what I did.....

Step 1.  I opened my photo into Photoshop CS5....this is the version I am using....and, remember I am on a Mac. This is my Background layer.

Step 2.  I like to keep my background original photo in case I make a goof along the way I can always go back to it. So, this step is to duplicate the background layer....I use the keyboard shortcut Command / Control - J. So this layer looks just like the background layer and I won't show it here.

Step 3.  I duplicated the image again since I want to sharpen the image by using the blur method. And, I invert this layer, Image / Adjustments / Invert, or, Command / Control - I. I love the inverted colors.

Then I changed the layer blend mode to Vivid Light at 100% Opacity.

Still on this same layer, I used Filter / Blur / Surface Blur. This opened the Surface Blur dialog.

It frequently is difficult to see what part of the photo is in the image of the dialog. So, I moved my cursor over the photo....the cursor changes into a little square....and clicked. This puts the area where you clicked in the image in the image area of the dialog.

And, if you put your cursor in the dialog image and click and hold, you see the image without the blur. When you let up on the mouse, the blur is there. I set the Radius 40 pixels and Threshold 90 levels.

And, now this layer looks like this.

Step 4.  Now I need to make a composite layer of all the layers that are visible below it. While still on Layer 3, use Command / Control - Option / Alt - Shift - E, to create the composite layer above layer 3. Now layer 4 is the composite. We do not need layer 3 anymore. We could actually delete the layer. However, I like to just turn the layer 3 visibility off by clicking on the layer eyeball. Layer 4 looks just like we had before since it is just a composite of what's visible below it. Then I set Layer 4 to layer blend mode Soft Light and Opacity 50%. Then I increased the screen image from 25% to 100% so I could see at full resolution what the sharpening had done for me.

Then I went back to screen image at 25% to see the entire image.

Step 5.  For this layer, I brought in Kim's kk_sunkissed texture. Here it is at normal mode and Opacity 100%.

I changed the layer blend mode to Linear Burn with Opacity 90%.

Step 6.  For Layer 6, I brought in Kim's kk_lola texture. Here it is at Normal Mode and Opacity 100%.

Then changed its layer blend mode to Linear Burn at 50% Opacity.

Step 7.  kk_lola texture made the image a little too dark overall. So a put another kk_sunkissed texture for this layer and set the layer blend mode to soft light at 50% Opacity.

I like this very much. But then I thought....What if?

Step 8.  At this point, I decided to turn on the visibility of Layer 3 again by clicking where the eyeball should be. And I left the layer blend mode at Vivid Light and reduced the Opacity to 50%.

Now, I like this better, but the candles are too dark. I liked the candles in the previous one better. So I put a white layer mask on Layer 3, by clicking on the Add layer mask button at the bottom of the layers panel, selected a soft round Brush and painted the mask area over the candles with with black to hide what this layer does to the image over the candles. And this is what I end up with as my final Texture Tuesday image.

Mouse over to see the image we began with.

Here is what my layers panel looks like at the end.

I hope you enjoyed, and maybe even found some things that might help you in your photoshopping and scrapbooking.

Live life fully and enjoy what you do.



PrairieJill said...

Great processing! I love the effect you created.

Carol said...

I love the processed photo, very nice...but I think I'll gaze at the ice a little longer...maybe until October.

Stephanie said...

Very artistic. Thanks for the details. I'm just starting to learn Photoshop so it is helpful to see how things are done.

Rosemary Aubut said...

Love this and great tutorial! Very nice processing!

A Garden of Threads said...

Thanks for all the information. Fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

I just love your lessons. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all the details!!! Also, I used one of your watercolor uploads along with two of Kim's textures for my photo today...thank you for the 'freebie'.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work!

Sharon said...

Beautiful textures! Thank you for explaining what you did step by step. Inspiring!

kimB said...

Lovely icicle image, Earl -- I have a few that are almost exactly the same ;)

Also love your entry for this week's challenge and the detailed steps you took to get there - a big difference between the edited and non-edited versions!

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