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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's a Frame-up...EKD_Template_11 FREEBIE

I recently came across an excellent tutorial on how to create a wooden picture frame. It was by Eren Goksel on psd.tutsplus. If you want to see how he does it, click HERE. I won't go through how they are created, but I will use the ones I created to make a template that you can download.

This is what EKD Template 11 looks like.

The template is a fully layered psd document that is 12 x 12-inch, 300 ppi, RGB, with a white background. You can see what I have done by looking at the individual layers on the template. I made frames that are vertical, horizontal, and square. In the download, I have included the template psd file, and all three frames both in psd and png files. 

If you want to use the frames by themselves, remember that you can resize them, recolor them, rotate them, etc. If you rotate them, I suggest that you put your photo in the frame first and then do the rotation. Link the photo, mask and frame together so that they rotate together. You can do that by selecting all the layers that go together and clicking on the little chain link symbol at the bottom of the layers panel.

If you would like to have this FREEBIE template and frames, click HERE to download the zip file. You will have to unZip the file to get to the individuals files inside the zip file.

I hope that you find a use for this template.

Live fully.....enjoy!



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