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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen . . . 19 March 2013

Today we have another Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. Kim's guideline for today is:

Tuesday, March 19th's theme is Wise Words.
What does this mean? 
Your photo must contain at least one layer of any of my textures, and it must contain words... The words can be in your photo....or you can add them in post..... 
Sound good?

I had recently seen a quotation from Albert Einstein that I thought was both appropriate for this and funny, too. So I am using his quotation for my Wise Words. 

I did not have a photograph for what I wanted to do. I needed an image of a man dressed in slacks and sport jacket. So, I made a silhouette of a man and had to dress him appropriately for my layout. Here is my man.

I unfortunately need to keep this entry brief. So I will more or less tell you what I did. I brought in one of my watercolor papers for a background. Then I put on top of this Kim's kk_februarymagic texture. I changed its blend mode to Screen at 100% Opacity. This gave some nice texture to my watercolor paper. Then I brought in my man. 

Next I brought in a black and white image of Albert Einstein. I changed the blend mode to Pin Light at 100% Opacity. Next came the text. Then I dressed the man in appropriate clothing to go along with the quotation. 

Next, at the top of the layer stack, I brought in Kim's kk_abstract texture. I set the blend mode to Color and Opacity 50%.

And this is what I ended up with for my final layout.

Live life fully.



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