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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen 16 April 2013

Another Tuesday has arrived and we have another Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. Kim gave us the following guideline for today:

Tuesday, April 16ths theme is Celebrate.... 
What does this mean?
Your photo must center around the word celebrate....
Before you think... but...but... Hear me out...
there are so many ways to interpret this.... At first you might think.... a celebration party pic...(for me that would be tough... I rarely get out...and I am not joking... :)
Anyhow a party pic would  be fabulous... but it can be anything that comes to mind when you think of celebrate... a symbol, a memory.... whatever is meaningful to you.... After all...isn't that why we take photos.... capturing moments, memories...symbols of something meaningful? 
Or perhaps, maybe you are celebrating something personal...an accomplishment...and mile stone.... 
I've gone on.... enough... you get the 'picture'... I am sure..... 'smile'
Next Tuesday...let's CELEBRATE.

I was going through some of my photos from my Mother's old 1916 photo album and came across this photo of my Father-to-be and two of his friends. My parents were married in 1918. He and his friends were all bachelors and 25 years old. The time was 1916. The United States had not yet entered World War I. But, the young men were anticipating that we would be entering the war and that they probably would be drafted into the U. S. Army. They went to Tijuana, Mexico, to celebrate their time of freedom. I used this photo for today's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.

I opened a  new 12 x 12-inch, 300 ppi, RGB, with white background document in Photoshop CS6. Then I brought in the photo. I decided to have the photo extend from edge to edge. I moved the photo up so that their eyes were roughly one-third down from the top of the layout.  I put a Gradient Fill layer between the Background layer and photo layer. I used one of the Pastel Gradients that come with Photoshop. 

Then I decided that I wanted to have a hanging beaded curtain type design below the photo. I thought that would be sort of the flavor of old Tijuana. I made a brush that I used to create this beaded curtain. This is what my brush looked like. And it is on a transparent background.

After making some adjustments in the Brush Panel I was able to create this beaded design. I made the design at 14 x 14-inches so that I didn't have to worry about making it exactly 12 x 12-inch. And, I did it horizontally . . . it was easier for me to do it in that direction. 

Then I rotated this image 90 degrees so that the beads would be hanging vertically. I cropped it to 12 x 12-inch . . . brought it into the layout between the gradient fill layer sand the photo layer. I didn't like it in black, so I used Command / Control - I to invert the layer and now my beads are white. I left them at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity.

Then, between the hanging beads and photo layers, I brought in Kim's kk_annabelle texture. I changed the Blend Mode to Soft Light and kept Opacity 100%. This was not quite enough for me, so I duplicated the layer and kept the same settings. For this . . .

For what I was thinking of, the music will add to the layout.

The Black and White photo was now too stark. I sampled a brown color from the gradient fill layer so that color was in the Foreground Color. Then I added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer above the photo layer and clipped it to the photo so that it only would modify the photo. Since the brown color was in the Foreground color, when I clicked to select Colorize, that was the color that was used. And I decreased the Saturation a little to 16.

And now my photo blends in better with the overall layout color.

Next I added in my text layers. I used the font Gill Sans for all the text. My Father and his friends were always together. That is why I thought of the title The Three Caballeros. That was also the title of a 1944 animated Disney feature film. And the song became a popular song. The Andrew Sisters used to sing it. In my youth in the Los Angeles area, I used to see and hear the Andrew Sisters live and in person. I added some of the words from the song they sang. That's why I thought the music from kk_annabele was appropriate for this layout.

Then just for a little touch of the time, from the internet I obtained an Uncle Sam Wants You poster from the World War I time frame. I added this to the upper right corner of the layout.

My finished layout now looks like this.

That's all for now.

Live life fully.



Dina Lettre said...

What a wonderful photo, Earl! Love how it turned out.

Tammy said...

That's a really awesome layout, Earl!! Nice work. :)

Dotti said...

Superb, Earl! And I love the story behind the photo, so romantic and fascinating.

abrianna said...

This is amazing. I can only hope to be able to do that someday.

Dianne said...

wow! That is just incredible.

Love the old photo--the time period--the Uncle Sam poster--very clever!

Gracie said...

Very nice work, Earl!

Carol said...

Love your entry for todays TT - good job.

Marilyn said...

Wonderful work, Earl.

Linda said...

Fantastic! You have created a lovely family heirloom portrait! Thank you for including your process!

Sharon said...

What an awesome historic photo! You did a fine job of editing it with a vintage look. This will be a wonderful keepsake for you!

Anonymous said...

Simply, simply love this Earl, and I like your referring to your dad as Father To Be. Also like how the finish product turned out. Very nice.

Heather Smith said...

I really like what you did with your layout and the filter used for the background completely complements the age of the photo. This is great!

Ahayes1225 said...

Hi Earl,
I finally have your blog. Thanks so much for the visits. Your tutorial is great.

Prairie Jill said...

Great page! I love the effects you created.

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