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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Collage Obsession Challenge . . . 7 May 2013

A new week is upon us and that means that there is a new Collage Obsession Challenge for us to try. This is what Collage Obsession said:


Good Morning!

It's finally Spring here.  That means the bears are waking up and venturing out.  So my theme for this week is... wait for it...BEARS!

Polar bears, teddy bears, grizzly bears, bear cubs, panda bears--all kinds of bears.  Have fun!

I don't have wild bears in my neighborhood; however, I do have deer and wild turkeys. They may not be as dangerous as bears, but you have better be careful around the deer and turkeys. The turkeys have some vicious spurs and they are not afraid of people. I found a couple of bear images on the internet that I used for my challenge collage. The image of Mother Nature sounding her trumpet announcing Spring is from a Dover digital image that I have. The rest of the items are my creations.

Here is my Bear Collage for this week's Collage Obsession Challenge.

How would you like to face that open mouth of a bear just coming out in the Spring and very hungry.

That's all for now.

Live life fully.



bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Wow, what a powerful piece of art! No, I would certainly not like to face that bear!:)

Grannie Annie said...

Wow Earl I wouldn't want to come across him in the forest...what a great and stunning piece of art awake indeed...well done!

CATHY said...

Good one Earl!

Lori Saul said...

An amazing and powerful collage Earl. Beautiful symbolism and imagery!


Foxglove Hollow

sirkkis said...

I want to belive that he is only yawning ;)
Wonderful piece.

Prairie Jill said...

Wow! This is fantastic! You've really captured the strength of the bear. (And no, I wouldn't want to come face to face with him!)

Lizbethem said...

Fierce! A tattooed bear? xx

Selma said...

Spring is here, too, and the bears have woken up. Your bears are at least awake. Fine, but a scary picture.
Have you watched the video KARHUEMO SULO KARJALAINEN. You can find them with google videos. Bear Farm is located in Kuusamo, Finland.
Good day to you.
I've been busy. I have not participated in the challenge this time.

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