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Monday, June 17, 2013

Collage Obsession - Carousel - EKD - 20130617

This week's Collage Obsession theme is Carousel.

This theme opened up a lot of wonderful memories of my youth for me. When I was growing up, in Los Angeles, my mother would frequently take me to Lincoln Park. They had a wonderful carousel. I really enjoyed riding it. It had a band organ that loudly played Sousa marches. It was rather large . . . it was 50-feet in diameter. There were lots of animals. And, it had an arm that stuck out near the riders so that the rider could snatch a ring from the holder. One ring was gold in color. If you got the gold ring, you got a free ride. Wow! What fun!

I still like Merry-Go-Rounds. Just a few years ago, when I was working at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC, several of us, on our lunch break, rode the carousel that is in the Mall near the Smithsonian Castle Building. And all of us were in our 50s and 60s. What fun! And we were all in our coats and ties.

Here is my Carousel theme layout.

The yellows and reds in the layout come from a photo of a bouquet of flowers that my daughter sent me for Father's Day, last Sunday. It is blended into the overall layout.

That's all for now.

Live life fully.



sirkkis said...

So lovely carousel viw. Love the colours and the nostalgic feeling. Charming art piece, Earl.

Electra said...

This is beautiful, Earl! I love the blending and your wordsa that accompany this!

Kaylene said...

Beautiful collage and wonderful memory page. Cheers

CATHY said...

a delightful collage with wonderful memories!

Deann said...

There are so many wonderful Carousel memories I just glad they are still around...beautiful artwork Earl!

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

A fabulous collage, and thank you so much for sharing your memories and carousel history with us!

Jez said...

Lovely to read about your memories and the history behind the carousel. I enjoyed reading the text as much as I did your beautiful creation for the Collage Obsession theme.
It would also fit so well for the Summer of Colour theme of Hot Pink and Orange.

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