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Monday, July 22, 2013

Collage Obsession Challenge . . . 22 July 2013

This week's challenge is right up my alley. However, my alley may be a little on the quirky side.

Kaylene gave us the following:

Monday, July 22, 2013

Page in a Travel Journal

Hi Everyone, I am taking Sherry's turn this week as she is on vacation. So I thought it would be fun to create a page in a travel journal, maybe you have been away on a vacation and have lots of memories (real or fictitious).

My Travel Journal will take you on a ride in the Time Machine Back to the Future. The journey starts in 1912 at my grandfather's house in Los Angeles. Then with the use of the Time Machine we will go back to the future 100 years to 2012. I had recently watched the episode of the TV show, The Big Bang Theory, in which they buy the Time Machine from the classic science fiction movie, The Time Machine. I didn't have the DVD of The Time Machine, so I bought it and really enjoyed watching it. I must have seen it many years ago, because I remembered certain things as the movie progressed. I also have the DVDs of the Back to the Future series. So, in my quirky mind, I will take you on a journey back to the future from 1912 to 2012.

Our journey starts with the central black and white photo of my grandfather's house taken the year 1912 when he bought this just built house. My grandparents lived in this house from then until their death. My parents built a house at the other end of the same street in 1922. That is where I lived until my grandfather died. After he died, we moved into that house in 1940. And that is where I lived until 1952. So this was a street that was very familiar to me. My parent's house is now gone. It was taken out and in its place is an off-ramp of the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles. I haven't been on that street for about 50 years. 

So, we start our journey in 1912 and with the aid of the Time Machine set to 100 years in the future, we will go back to the future to 2012. With the assistance of Google Street View, we will see what the street, and area around it, look like in 2012.

Here is my Travel Journal page.

The black and white photo was taken in 1912 when the house was brand new. The color image of the house is from Google Street View, as are all the other views of the houses and buildings, and were taken in 2012, 100 years later. The Time Machine image is from the Internet. I have no idea who lives there now. When I was growing up in that house, there were no fences anywhere on the street. Now they all have a fence. And, now most of the doors and windows have guard bars over them.

Going counter-clockwise from the 1:00 o'clock position, we have the last house on the street before what is now the freeway off-ramp. The tree in front has grown considerably. I have a vivid memory of that tree. One evening I was riding my bicycle up the sidewalk. When I got under the tree, a friend of mine jumped out of the tree and knocked me off my bike. Boy, was my hair standing on end. Talk about being scared.

The house at the 12 o'clock position is what we called the new house. We called it that because it was the last house to be built on the street and was built many years after the other houses. It is the only one to have a red tile roof. It looks about the same except for now having a fence.

The tree at the 11:00 o'clock is a monkey puzzle tree. It was only about 10-feet tall when I was growing up. Now it is about 50-feet tall. You can just see a fireplug by the tree. When I was small, I would climb up on the fireplug and get on my father's back.  He would carry me home from there on his back.

The house at the 9:00 o'clock position, mostly covered by the Time Machine, has purple trim on the house. They owners in about 1950 painted it that way. It seems like the current owners like the purple, too.

The building at the 7:00 o'clock position was a small apartment building. One of the people who lived there when I was growing up was a stage entertainer who rode trick bicycles on the stage. He would practice in the parking area behind the building. Us kids would watch him practice. Occasionally, he would like us try to ride some of this trick bikes. The bikes were really difficult to ride. But, fun to try.

The brick building at the 6:00 o'clock position looks almost like it did when I was growing up. Us kids would go into the building sometimes and knock on a apartment door and then run and hide. It didn't have to be Halloween for us to do this. This was about as daring as we would get in our pranks.

When I was growing up, the building at the 7:00 o'clock position was a bank on the bottom. The window that is sealed up was my dentist's office. And, really, his name was Doctor Payne.

At the 3:00 o'clock position is the building at which I would stand near and sell the evening newspaper to the cars that drove by and were stopped at the signal at the corner. There is a bus there now. In my youth, there was a street car line instead. 

And, that is my journey back to the future with the Time Machine and Google Street Map.

I hope you enjoyed my journey.

That's all for now.

Live life fully.



Kaylene said...

Thank you for sharing a great image and interpretation of the challenge. Cheers

Jez said...

What a wonderful vision, celebrating your passage through a hundred years of family history. And your composition of all the elements is, as always, perfect.

Deann said...

Wow love your collage Earl especially the time machine...that takes me back to the old movie house.

Lori Saul said...

A wonderful step back in time. It's so funny I just recently saw the movie with Michael J Fox again! Great movie and great art entry Earl!

Anonymous said...

I really like your take on the theme, exploring the past and the future

CATHY said...

as always a very interesting - well thought out - collage!

Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

I am sorry Earl. I am late. Your collage is superb my friend!The idea of mixing past and present is wonderful!

Ahayes1225 said...

Hi Earl, Nice collage. I wanted to stop by and say hello. I have not seen you on texture Tuesday lately.

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