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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Collage Obsession Challenge . . . 5 August 2013

Our challenge for this week is

This week topic is gardening, show us your garden or manifest your dream garden or express the topic as you like.

Where I live, in a forested area, it is not very conducive to gardening. Not only is it quite shady, but the deer eat almost everything planted. I have some golden spirea for foundation planting, and a few other things, too, but not much. So, my mind goes back to times when I used to do a lot more gardening.

When I was in Junior High School, in Los Angeles, California, World War II was going on. The school had an Agriculture class. I took this class for two years. It was fantastic. Mainly because the teacher, Kenneth C. Holland, was a great teacher. We learned how to till the soil, plant the seed, weed, care for the plants, take care of the tools, harvest the crop, and even how to sell the crop. Since World War II was going on, having a home Victory Garden was the thing to do. In our class we planted mostly edible plants. We had such things as carrots, radishes, kohlrabi, lettuce, turnips, etc. We actually sold our carrots, radishes, and kohlrabi at lunch time to the other students. Our proceeds went into getting things we could have for our class. Mr. Holland not only taught us about agriculture, but on the few rainy days we had, he would show use how to collect butterflies and insects to make a collection, he would bring his banjo and play for us and have a sing-along. And other interesting things. I learned a lot from his class that has lasted a lifetime.

My mother had a very nice flower garden in our backyard. The backyard lost most of its flowers and became our Victory Garden. We had carrots, radishes, kohlrabi, turnips, lettuce, peas, string beans, cabbage, and some others. We already had a fig tree, apricot tree, and a peach tree. In addition to the Victory Garden, we raised a few chickens for the eggs and to eat.

So, my entry for the Gardening Collage Obsession Challenge is about Victory Gardening.

That's it for now.

Live life fully.



Deann said...

A lovely collage and great memories Earl thanks for sharing with us.

peabea.com said...

Just dropping by to check on you since hadn't seen you around Texture Tuesday lately. Miss seeing your work there, but looks like you've been busy. Love collages myself, so fun. We always had a garden when growing up, no fast food places then so it was probably better eating than in today's world. I try to get vegetables the farmers around us share at their stands when ready. We had chickens also for as you say, eggs and eating.
Happy Tuesday

Jez said...

Lovely collage, it takes me back to WW2 days too. My mother used to grow vegetables on the air raid shelter - a half buried construction of curved corrugated metal covered with soil. And grew veg and fruit in our long narrow garden. Thanks for the memory.

Diane said...

Love the collage! Sounds like a great teacher-- they can be hard to come by!!

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