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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Collage Obsession . . . 8 February 2014

For this week's Collage Obsession, Kaylene gave us:

Nature's Home
This weeks word and image  is " Nature's Home", and in our imagination there are so many different types of homes, I have chosen a shell that may become a "home" to a crab or whatever takes your fancy. You can express the word literally or metaphorically.
 Use or express the word "Nature's Home" some how in your collage, or use both, a photo and a word, the word does not have to show up in your collage.

My mind works in strange ways sometimes (maybe more often than I want it to). For this challenge I decided that what could more at home than a marmot in a Marmot winter jacket in his Colorado rocks. So that is what I created. Here he is, warm at home in his jacket. I added a couple of flowers just to make it a little happier looking.

Please visit Collage Obsession and see what others have done for this challenge. Also, come join us for our weekly challenges.

That's it for now.

Live life fully.



indybev said...

I'm glad you gave him a flower, Earl. I'm longing for a warm spot and flowers. This has been an interminable winter, and your art is a bright spot!!

lauren bergold said...

a marmot in a jacket? unassailably awesome, by any conceivable standard!!! :) :) :)

Fazly rabby said...

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Jessica Millis said...

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