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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Collage Obsession . . . Handwriting

For the past week, Sherry gave us:


We see fewer and fewer handwritten letters and documents these days.  Many of us don't even use our own handwriting much anymore, relying on all of our gadgets instead.  I don't think many schoolchildren in the U.S. even learn cursive writing nowadays!  But handwriting can be a beautiful form of art.  So this week, for old times' sake, please incorporate "handwriting"  into your collage somehow.

For this challenge, I used some examples of handwritten calligraphy that was done during a workshop at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico, during the summer of 1982. Some of the work was done by me and some done by others attending the workshop.

Here is my collage.

That's it for now.

Live Life fully.



lauren bergold said...

this is awesome, i love the layers and layers of text and calligraphy! :)

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Gorgeous examples of calligraphy, combined into a wonderful piece of art!

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