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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Collage Obsession…Under…12 March 2014

For this week's challenge, Kaylene gave us:

The challenge for this week is the word or concept of "Under", of course this can meaning many things..part of a song...literally under an object etc. I am sure you will have a fun time creating your art work.

I recently had been looking at some of my images that I took at the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center, Bellevue, Nebraska. I took these photos in April 2005. The coming of Spring in the near future (hopefully) is what caused me to look at these photos. When I saw the photos with the wooden boardwalk through the forest, in my mind popped the song, "Under the Boardwalk." My boardwalk is about as far from the sea as you can get, but it's a boardwalk that I use. There were early Spring flowers blooming almost under the boardwalk. So that is how this came to be.

I started with this image of the boardwalk. 

And, the flower image I used is this.

To see what I did with these, please click on the Read More, below.

Here is the final collage.

I used a technique that provided a "part sketch" and "part photo." Instead of my showing you the technique, go to oscraps.com to see how it is done.

I also used the score and some of the lyrics from Under the Boardwalk. These were from the Internet. I used black layer masks with a white watercolor brush to show some of the score and lyrics. I also used  the texture kk_theleaf from Kim Klassen. At the end, I made a composite layer ( command  + option / alt + shift + E ) to give me all the visible layers below on one layer. Then I applied the Lens Correction Filter to apply the vignette to that layer to darken the corners and sides. My final layers panel looks like this.

Again, this is my final collage.

Make sure that you go to Collage Obsession to see what the other people have done with Under.

That's all for now.

Live life fully.



Diane said...

Great job! Like the soft look.

lauren bergold said...

as always i'm equally impressed by your art AND your technique!!! i love the "part photo/part sketch" method you've used so well here, but my favorite thing is the way you've angled some of your elements, making the whole thing even more dynamic! ♥

traveller2006 said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Oscraps tutorial, I've been meaning to try it out for ages.
I really like the effect you've achieved with your collage.

pragmaticsoul said...

It turned out really spectacular, and I can hear the song "Under the boardwalk" seeing your image!

Electra said...

This is a beautiful piece, Earl! I love the boardwalk you have chosen to use, it reminds me of
Spring too.

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