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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Texture Tuesday . . . 6 May 2014 . . . Cuppa

For this week's Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen, Kim gave us:

Next weeks theme ....Tuesday, May 6th.
I Can just see all the cup thumbnails streaming in.
Happy sigh....... 

Last week my daughter and I had lunch at Stella's. We are fortunate to live very close to Stella's and its "World Famous" cheeseburgers. It’s the “World Famous “ cheeseburgers and the down-to-earth friendliness that continues to set Stella's apart from a state full of burger joints. The burgers are good and, well, greasy, and that’s part of what makes them so good. The hamburger meat is fresh, never frozen, rolled into a 6 ½ ounce ball, and hand pressed onto a cast iron grill. Stella’s attained it’s world famous status, thanks to the millions of Offutt Air Force Base airmen and officers who’ve frequented the establishment throughout the 78 years it’s been open, and subsequently spread the word at Air Force bases internationally.

For my photo, I used a mug from Stella's that I got in about 1985. My daughter was living in Bellevue, Nebraska, and I was visiting her. And, I had my first Stella's cheeseburger. Ummm, ummm, good. I took the photo on my front porch. I now live in Bellevue, NE. I cropped the image to fit in a 12 x 12-inch layout. 

And, with some editing, this is the image I ended up with for the theme "Cuppa."

If you would like to see what I did, click on the READ MORE >> >> >>.

First a little more about Stella's. When I first went to Stella's in about 1985, it looked like this. 

Then, a few years ago, Stella's enlarged a little and remodeled. And today looks like this.

But, the cheeseburgers are the same as always and look like this. And are delicious.

Back to this week's theme "Cuppa."

I opened a new 12 x 12-inch, 300 ppi, RGB, white background document. And I brought in my cup image cropped to fit the layout. I am using Photoshop CS6.

The background was not out of focus enough for me. I wanted it fuzzier so as not to be as noticeable. The way I decided to do this was to extract the cup onto its own layer so that I could always have a sharp version of it and then blur the rest of the image. 

I used the Quick Selection Tool to make a selection of the mug.

Then I used the keyboard shortcut, command / control - J, to put the selection on its own layer.

Next I made a duplicate of my original photo and put it above the original. And, I converted that layer to a Smart Object. You can also do it by right clicking in the layer and selecting Convert to Smart Object.

You can tell the layer is a Smart Object by there being a little icon in the lower right corner of the layer Thumbnail.

I wanted the layer to be a Smart Object so that I can use a Smart Filter to blur the layer. Smart filters are editable so you can modify them later if you want. I turned off the visibility on the extracted mug layer so I could see all the blurring on the layer. I went to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to open the Gaussian Blur dialog. I selected a value of 28 pixels. With Preview checked, you can see how this blurs the image.

I clicked OK and then turned the visibility of the extracted mug layer back on so the mug is sharp and the rest is blurred.

I want the top of the porch rail to be sharp, also. I clicked on the Smart Filter layer mask to make it active. Then using a black, hard, round brush I painted over the rail area so as to hide the filter from that area. My porch rail and the mug are now sharp. If I wanted the background to be fuzzier, I could double click on the words Gaussian Blur and that would open the dialog again so I could edit the amount of blur. But, I am happy with this amount of blur.

Next, I want to use one of Kim's textures. I selected kk_coffeeteaorme. I thought this was a good name for a texture about a cuppa. And, it was just the texture to use for my purpose. Here is the texture at Normal Mode and 100% Opacity. 

I knew that I did not want the texture over the mug. So, I added a layer mask to the texture layer by clicking on the button at the bottom of the layer panel. I clicked on the mask thumbnail to make sure it was active. 

Then I held down the command / control key and clicked on the thumbnail of the extracted mug layer. This gives me the selection of the mug. 

And, the layer mask on the texture is active, I filled the selection with black to hide the texture over the mask. I used the keyboard shortcut, option / alt - delete / backspace to fill the selection with the foreground color, which is black. And the texture is no longer on the mug. Of course, there are usually several ways to do things in Photoshop. So instead of doing this, I could have put the texture layer below the mug layer and then I would not have had to use the layer mask on the texture layer. BUT, I didn't think of that at the time.

My next step was to deselect the mug selection and to change the texture layer blend mode to Soft Light. I kept Opacity 100%.

The texture warms up the background a little. I think it makes it fit in with all the wood better. And, it gives a wonderful woody texture to the railing. I am pleased with my final result. Here it is.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I did this. 

Please go to Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen to see what others have done with cuppa.

That's all for now.

Live life fully and enjoy. 



elizabeth said...

I really like this edit, how the mug is still tack sharp, but the background looks like art.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, those cheeseburgers look good! Yum. Love your edit, too - it has a very vintage feel to it, which fits perfectly. And I love your choice of texture!

Pieni Lintu said...

Now I want to go for a hamburger.. :D

Barbara said...

I like burgers, but I love cups & mugs more ;) Great edit!

Donna Hopkins said...

I love this story - the history, the family connection, and food! I don't eat very many burgers these days, but when I do, I want them to look just like your picture of the Stella's burger. Shouldn't every community have a place like this - good food, friendly service, with a mix of tradition tossed in? Love your mug picture and the beautiful edit.

Cat Sadowski said...

I don't know which makes me smile more....your gorgeous cuppa or that delicious looking hamburger! Thanks for those screen shots...very impressive!

Caz Sultz said...

I love your edit, the soft blur behind the mug is lovely. !

Beverly said...

You are so grey at your edits Earl! Love the story of Stella's, the mug, and that hamburger!!!!

Kim Stevens said...

I love the texture you chose for this, but really, you're just killing me here with that burger shot and your description...Now I must have a burger for lunch! ;)

traveller2006 said...

I love what you've done with this, love the back story and really appreciate the way you describe what you've done to achieve your final image - you cover every step of the way and that's really good for someone like me who's still learning how to master their software

Dotti said...

Great mug, great edit, great looking dive! But, oh, Earl! You've made my cholesterol go up 20 points just looking at that wonderful burger!

Sheila said...

Hi Earl - I love your edit (and that you share the steps with us!) and your story about Stella's - that hamburger looks delicious.

Icy BC said...

That is such a pretty texture!

pragmaticsoul said...

And by the way, the cuppa looked fantastic too!

Michelle B said...

Love what you did with the mug image! They must have great food if they have been there this long. :)

abrianna said...

Lovely texturing and after looking at that burger, I am hungry!

Pat said...

NIce texture work on the mug.
That burger looks so good!

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