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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texture Tuesday . . . 15 July 2014 . . . Free & Easy

It's wonderful. Another Tuesday and another Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. I love Tuesdays. Actually I have always loved Tuesdays. The new adventure has begun and a few more days to see what will happen during the week. 

This is another free & easy edition of Texture Tuesday. And it gave me a chance to use my new camera. I infrequently used my Canon 40D DSLR camera. It was just getting too big and bulky and old for me to use comfortably. Mostly I was using my point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot S90. This has all the basic controls of a DSLR without interchangeable lenses. But, the itch for a newer camera was upon me. I decided on the Canon G16. It again has all the controls but no interchangeable lenses. However, it has f/1.8 at wide angle and f/2.8 at 5X telephoto. This makes it nice for taking shallow DOF photos, such as in some still lives. So, I traded in my old Canon 40D and got the new G16. Happy, happy.

I set up a still life near the south and east facing windows in my dining room. I covered my folding table with a piece of dark patterned batik fabric. And used a white tea cup. saucer, and creamer. Here is my original photo.

And, after my editing, I had this.

If you would like to see what I did, click on the READ MORE >> >> >>

I am enrolled in Kim's Lightroom Catalog eCourse, a free course. Fortunately my system of storing my photos worked very nicely into what Kim suggested. It has been very easy to import my photos into the Lightroom 5 catalog. I opened my photos that I took today in Lightroom 5 and selected the one I wanted to use. I opened  the selected image in Develop.

I used only the Basic panel. Here is a larger view of the Basic panel.

You can see that the photo was taken with ISO 400, f/1.8, 1/125 sec, and RAW. I used Auto Tone and then tweaked other sliders to give me what I wanted. These are the values I used for this photo. What values you use will depend on the photo and what you want out of it.

I opened the image in Photoshop CS6.

Then I duplicated the layer, command / control - J.

I want the background behind the cup, saucer, and creamer to be more out of focus so as to be less distracting. I want to make a selection of the foreground, saucer, cup and creamer. You can use any method you would like to use. I actually used the Pen Tool to make a path and then in the Paths panel I converted the path to a selection. Here is the selection I made.

But, I want to blur the background area, not what is currently selected. I inverted the selection, command / control - shift - I. This put the selection around the area I want to blur.

I added a layer mask to the layer by clicking on the Add layer mask button at the bottom of the layer panel.

Now when I add a blur it will only blur the background region. I went to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

This opened the Gaussian Blur dialog.

I increased the blur to 75 Pixels. This blurred the background so it was less noticeable and still had some of the color showing.

Next, I brought in Kim's magic texture kk_februarymagicedges. I sized it to the size of my image. Here it is at Normal mode and 100% Opacity.

I changed the layer blend mode to Screen and left Opacity at 100%. Look at the beautiful border that gave me.

But, I wanted a little something in the upper left corner area to sort of bring the eye to look there. I used Kim's texture kk_scriptededges. Here it is at Normal mode and 100% Opacity.

I changed the layer blend mode to Screen and reduced the Opacity to 50%. Just that little amount of scripting in the upper corner brings your eye there.

And, that is what I did in my editing to give me this image.

That's all for this Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.

Live life fully and enjoy.



Prairie Jill said...

I thought the original shot was great, but then I scrolled down and saw the edited version - wow! What a beautiful edit, Earl! I love it.
PS Have fun with your new camera!

elizabeth said...

What a fun edit! I'm so glad you got a new camera that works better for you. By the way, your positive attitude about life is a blessing!

Viv@within the Frame said...

Brilliant tutorial Earl particularly how you blurred the cackground...

aspiritofsimplicity said...

very nice

Caz Sultz said...

Congrats on your new camera Earl ! I love your edit, thanks for showing how you did it :)

Dotti said...

What a great way to achieve a shallow depth of field! This is beautiful, Earl and I loved seeing your steps.

Sheila said...

Very nice! I love white china.

CarolHart said...

Beautifully done!

Sharon said...

How exciting to get a new camera! You've done a great job editing this photo. I like your choice of dark cloth against the white when you set up the scene. I'm taking Kim's Lightroom course, too. I was inspired to back up my photos on a second portable drive. Just in case!

Donna said...

Beautifully done Earl... congrats also on your new camera!

Pat said...

Lovely work.

Barb said...

A great image to start with and then an even greater edit! Enjoy your new camera - it sounds awesome!

Taylor Bell said...

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