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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Texture Tuesday…1 July 2014…Free & Easy

Happily, another Tuesday with Kim Klassen. This is another Free & Easy edition.

I am enrolled in Kim's Be Still - Fifty Two class. So far I have been mostly following along with the material and not really doing much. Much of the class is about still life photography and using Lightroom. Up to now I have been doing very little still life. One of my reason for not doing more is that I didn't have a very good place to set up a still life. Well, let me say that I could have found someplace, but still life photography was not usually my thing. Most of my photos are taken where I find something to photograph. Not much pre-planned. 

I figured that since I was in the Be Still class I needed to start trying something outside my normal box of photography. I needed a place to set up my still life . . . and something to put it on that was portable. I ordered a wooden, folding table that is eucalyptus hardwood with warm, mahogany brown tone. This is nothing like Kim's used and white for most things. I could set it up on my deck in the shade and have a great place to set up my still lives. It arrived and this is what it looks like.

This is my first set up for a still life using my new portable surface. It includes a vase that my mother bought in about 1925. She bought it in Los Angeles in a local little department store called Kling's Department Store. She liked it because it had all the palm trees on it. It reminded her of the street our home was on. There is a piece of cotton batik fabric, the book I was reading, and my glasses. I love the table top. I also love that the table is made from eucalyptus hardwood. There were many eucalyptus trees in Southern California. I love the fragrance from them. 

As I was growing up, the vase was sitting on the top of a room divider between our living room and dining room. When the day's mail was brought in, it was placed on the shelf leaning onto the vase. One of my early memories.

This is how my edited image looks after a little tweaking in Lightroom and then mostly in Photoshop. 

If you would like to see what I did, click on the READ MORE >>>>>

I set up my new still life table on the deck. This gives very nice shade in which to take the photos. The layout I created seems to be a common type. An object, some fabric, a book and glasses. I was so happy with my new table that I forgot why I don't use my deck very much . . . mosquitos. I am rather allergic to their bite. It swells up to about the size of a quarter and lasts about two weeks. Well, I took a bunch of photos and was rather pleased with them. I brought my equipment back into the house and then realized that one of those little flying insects got me on my arm near the elbow. It still itches several days later. But, I got the photos. I selected the one that you see at the beginning of this blog entry. I was shooting in RAW and Aperture Priority. I opened the image in Lightroom 5. For the photo, I used f/2.0 for a fairly shallow DOF, 1/100 second, and an ISO 640, I adjusted the ISO so that I had a shutter Speed of at least 1/100; I shake when taking photos. I am using my Canon PowerShot S90 camera. In Lightroom, I lightened the shadows by +100, set Clarity to +27, and decreased Saturation -16. I also cropped the image to this.

I opened the image in Photoshop. I am using CS6 on a Mac. I cropped the image.

I had already made the adjustments to my image in Lightroom. The next thing I did was bring in Kim's magic texture kk_magicgrunge. Here it is at Normal mode and 100% Opacity. I want to use it to give me a grungy border. 

Then I changed the mode to Screen and kept Opacity 100%.

But this didn't give me enough grunge for my border. So I brought in Kim's magic texture kk_seriousmagic. Here it is at Normal mode and 100% Opacity.

And then I changed the mode to Screen at 100% Opacity.

Now for a final texture, I brought in my favorite, kk_stainedLinen. Here it is at Normal mode and 100% Opacity. I find that this texture frequently does just what I want.

I changed the mode to Soft Light and kept Opacity 100%.

This is just what I wanted. Here it is.

And, that's how I went from there to here.

That's all for now.

Live life fully and enjoy.



Prairie Jill said...

Lovely piece, Earl!
Your first paragraph made me chuckle - it pretty much describes my feelings about setting up still lifes, too! I love your solution (except for the part about the mosquito) - beautiful table and a lovely arrangement of treasures.

elizabeth said...

I love your still life and, as always, your editing process is so informative!

Viv@within the Frame said...

Thanks for all the tips so helpful and I know what you mean about still life but know I prefer it !!

Sheila said...

Lovely set-up! I'm in bestill52 too, and I struggle with set-ups and finding light too. I love your new table, and that vase is gorgeous!

Dotti said...

I love that table and you again worked magic with your layers. Beautiful, Earl!

Sharon said...

Your choice of textures is just right. I'm amazed that this vase survived since 1925. I'm afraid it would have some cracks and chips if it lived at my house. The gardening gloves are an interesting subject--I wouldn't have thought of using those but it works!

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

I'd say you have a good start with still life here. Really like your texturing on this..

lisa said...

Thank you for yet another great tutorial. I really like the texturing you did. And I really, really like that vase!

Pat said...

Lovely still life.

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